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Angry Horseman Essay, Research Paper

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Title of Book: The Angry Horsemen

Author of book: Lewis B. Patton

Main setting of book: The main settings of the book were Johnny Toothaker’s ranch,

T.T.’s Ranch and The west.

Main Characters Identified and described:

Johnny Toothaker- Johnny is a no non-sense kind of guy. He is a stubern but a strait

forward kind of guy. He is your model of a cowboy you would think is. He is madly in

love with his young wife.

Lou Saks: is a young and dumb 20 year old. He trys to out do everyone and he is a very

brash and arogent person. He is very cocky doesnt care for Johnny at all.

Sam Tolle: He is Johnnys best freinds. He is more of a mediater of johnny and keeps him

in line. He has a very high tolerence for poeple and can really keep a cool head he is a

very level minded person.

Favorite Characters and why: Sam Tolle is my favorite character. He reminds me of me.

He is a very leavle person and he knows how to deal with his anger, and he lets kind of

things go by that reallly dont matter and that reminds me of me. He acts like a mediater of

johnny and i feel that i can help deal with peoples problems like he does.

Tell three incidents or situations that involve either an external or internal conflict in

which the main characters are involved:

1) One of the most important instances in the book was at the very beging of the book

when Johnny and Sam rode into johnnys ranch and he saw lou chasing his wife robin

around and flriting with her and he suspected that they were messing around. So he

confronted sam about it. Instead of talking to him about it he just started a fight with him

and he ended up stabbed and lou ended up with a broken leg.

2) The second important event was when at the saloon and lou was talking to all of the

guys and was trying to get them convinced that johnny was trying to take over the whole

west and that he would use them to get what he wanted and he would you them and even

kill them to get what he wanted. But really he was only doing all of this so that he could

get them to side with him and kill johnny and to destroy him.

3)The third most important event of the book was when they were buring the hay stacks

of johnny and he needed it for the winter. This was all part of the plan to get rid of johnny

too. The importance of this was that it cause johnny to chase them around and it aloso

made him lose alot of money in the hay that he had.

Give your response as to how the characters handled these incidents.

they first incedent was delt with in a very bad way i belive. because johnny should have

not done what he did by attacking lou. He should have talked to him and found out that

really he walked in on somthing that he dident know what was fully going on. The

second incident was not delt to well by johnny also. because he shouldent have told Dunn

that he couldent have the hay on the fence that he always gave him because he was mad at

lou. It was no reason for him to take out his anger on Dunn who did abosolutly nothing at

all. The third incident was good for the boys and what they were doing to johnny because

it caused him to lose alot of the hay he was going to use for the winter. Becasue everytime

they would burn hay he would go to that then they would burn some more hay.

Give the resolution of the book :At the end there is a big gun fight at cottenwood. Alot of

people riding with johnny died. Peters and dave both were killed during the gun fight

between kiowa lou and whiny. I think that Johnny is going to end up killing kiowa

because he foound ou that kiowa raped his wife back along time before they were married

and he is kind of upset about that.

Discuss the themes of the book: I think that the main theme of the book is to not asume

anything because you could always be wrong like johnny was wrong assuming that lou

was messing around with robin because none of this would never had happend if he had

not assumed that and started the fight with him. So yeah i think the main theme is not to

have assumptions


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