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Communication In The Godfather Essay, Research Paper

Vito Corleone is one of the main characters in the movie The Godfather. Throughout the movie Vito gives numerous speeches to the men who work for him, do business with him, and ask favors of him. His style is unusual for a man with all of his power, but it is very effective. His style could be a good example to anyone who is in a management position working with subordinates as well as anyone working in sales or any other position where there is contact with potential business partners. In this paper I will be analyzing Vito’s speaking style. First, I will discuss a brief history of Vito Corleone’s life to put his speaking into perspective. Next I will discuss his speaking style in different situations. Finally I will look at the reactions to his speaking and his overall speaking effectiveness. Vito Corleone was born with the last name Andoline. He was born in Corleone, Sicily, in the early 1900’s. When Vito was twelve-years old his family was murdered and fearing for his own life he immigrated to the United States. Young Vito did not want to be discovered so he did not give the immigration officer on Ellis Island his last name. The officer had to put some name down so the officer choose to use the town that Vito was from as his last name. After hiding out for a few years with relatives, Vito went to work in a grocery store in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. At the age of eighteen, Vito married an Italian girl who had just arrived from Sicily. Vito continued to work at the grocery store until a local offshoot Mafia member made the grocery store owner give Vito’s job to his nephew. Until that point Vito had never done anything illegal. Out of a job, Vito reluctantly helped a neighbor hide some illegal guns for a few dollars. Vito eventually made friends with his neighbor Peter Clemenza, and his neighbor’s partner Tessio. A few weeks later Vito reluctantly agreed to high jack a truck with Clemenza and Tessio. Each of them cleared at least a thousand dollars from the heights. The local smalltime Mafia leader who had cost Vito his job heard about the truck heist. This local Mafia leader demanded a cut from the three young men. Vito, Clemenza, and Tessio were torn between paying the money that they worked so hard for, or keeping the money and becoming an enemy of the leader. Vito decided to hold out and not pay the amount the Mafia leader was asking. Clemenza and Tessio reluctantly agreed to let Vito handle the situation. Vito Corleone, after a clever discussion with the Mafia leader, used an ambush to kill the Mafia leader. Vito was still not interested in organized crime, he just had wanted to keep all of his money. Clemenza and Tessio were noticing that no new Mafia member had taken over now that the original leader had been killed. Clemenza spoke to Vito saying, “Nobody is collecting from the store owners. Nobody is collecting from the card games and gambling in the neighborhood.” Tessio then said, “We could take over his customers. They would pay us.” Vito shrugged, “I have no interest in such things.” Slowly Vito realized that his neighbors viewed him differently now. Vito was treated as a “man of respect” by everyone now. When a widow had a problem with her landlord kicking her out, she surprising came to Vito for help. When he spoke to the landlord at the widows request, the landlord was rude and insulted that Vito would even step into his personal business. Vito remained polite and as he was leaving said, “Do me this service, eh? I won’t forget it. Ask your friends in the neighborhood about me, they’ll tell you I’m a man who believes in showing his gratitude.”

The landlord immediately made inquiries about Vito Corleone. He visited Vito that vary night, assuring Vito that it had been a dreadful misunderstanding and he not only let the widow stay, but he reduced her rent. The landlord was so afraid that he stayed out of town for a few weeks. Vito Corleone was reputed to be a member of the Mafia of Sicily. Men who ran card games gave him money each week for his “friendship.” Store owners who had problems asked Vito for help and paid him well. Vito gave part of his new income to Clemenza and Tessio without being asked. This is how Vito became the “Godfather” of all Mafia. When Vito spoke, people listened and understood. Vito became known as a “man of reasonableness.” He never uttered a threat. He always used logic that proved to be irresistible. He always made sure that others got a share of his profit. He always made it seem like a “win – win” situation for those involved. Vito’s speaking style was one of the keys to his success. He was always respectful of others when he spoke in public. He used the same tone in his voice when he spoke to a neighborhood family about their meager problems as used when he addressed a Congressman and his aids about their complicated and important relationship. He made the small people feel important which helped to keep their loyalty. When Vito spoke he took his time and looked like he really meant what he was saying. In public debates he never rushed into saying a statement that he has not fully considered. This style made him look wise and considerate. President Clinton also uses this technique in his debates and town-hall meetings. It makes a person seem connected to the audience. The speaker seems not to have a bunch of preset sound-bite answers to throw at people. It makes it seem like a person is answering what he or she believes, not just what they are being told to say, or just what they think the audience wants to here. Vito only showed emotion when he spoke in extreme circumstances. Vito was able to seem composed even in dangerous or joyous situations. When he spoke to the guests at his only daughter’s wedding reception he barely cracked a smile. When he was told of his oldest son’s death he just cringed and looked down. This speaking and public demeanor trait helped him to keep the respect of his subordinates. They knew that they could trust his judgment under any circumstances. When Vito spoke he always emphasized how what he was “selling” would be in everyone’s best interest. His arguments make people, whether or not they liked him, believe that his way of thinking made the most sense. Most of Vito’s speeches were persuasive speeches and this was one of his finest talents. He was even able to convince groups of men to go to prison for him. He did not threaten these men with violence, but he offered the men’s families wealth and security while they were gone as well as a reward when they returned from prison. He was able to convince them to do what he wanted while making them feel that both sides had won. Everyone eventually learned that when Vito spoke he was serious. He was an effective speaker because everyone know that he would not say something if he did not mean it. Once a Senator demanded a one hundred thousand dollar kickback from the Corleone family for his help to get a gambling license. Vito looked him straight in the eyes and said “Here is my offer, nothing. I will pay nothing, and you will put up the $2,000 for the license fee. It has been nice meeting with you Senator.” The Senator eventually gave in when Vito was able to make him understand that he needed Vito’s friendship. Once a new drug dealer set up a meeting between the two groups. The drug dealer made his pitch to Vito, Clemenza, Tessio, and Vito’s oldest son Sonny. Vito waited until the speech was over and than began his own. Vito began quietly, “I decided to meet with you because I heard you are a serious man, a man to be treated with respect. I must say no to you but I must give you my reasons. The profits in your business are huge but so are the risks. Your operations, if I were part of it, could damage my other interests. It is true that I have many, many friends in politics, but they would not be so friendly if my business were narcotics instead of gambling. They think gambling is something like liquor, a harmless vice, and they think narcotics is dirty business. No, don’t protest. I’m telling their thoughts, not mine. How a man makes his living is not my concern. And what I am telling you is that this business of yours is too risky. All the members of my family have lived well the last ten years, witho In his speech to the drug dealer he tries to say no to the dealer’s idea without angering the dealer. He has spoken kindly of the dealer because he does not know when he may need an ally and does not want to belittle this person just because he disagrees with his ideas. His thoughts seem well thought out. Vito gives no indication that he would ever change his mind, but also gives this dealer the respect that would not jeopardize any future communications. In Vito’s position as a Mafia leader it is important to have good public speaking skills. With his public speaking skills he had the whole package, he could motivate people with his intelligence and he could motivate them with force. He prefers the former but was not afraid to use the latter. From his humble beginning in Sicily, Vito learned the importance of intelligence. The strongest does not always win so Vito used his intelligence to supplement his force. One of the weapons of the intelligent person is speaking well in public and Vito used this to his advantage. First impressions are important and he gave off a good first impression when he spoke to a new group for the first time. He was young once and he accumulated his great wealth because he was underestimates by the local Mafia leader. Vito made it a point not to underestimate those he spoke to, or give them a reason to not be his “friend.”

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