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How To Hack Gameshark Essay, Research Paper

How to Hack Gameshark CodesThis “How To” was created by Jerry Bond, one of the gameshark code creators of this site. There may be more coming soon.1. Choosing the kind of hacker to be:There are three kinds of hackers, those who type in anything and hope for agood code (FreeStyle Hackers), those who modify pre-made codes (PlanedHackers) and those who do both (ComboHackers). If you are patient, youmight want to be a FreeStyle Hacker. If you are good at logic thinking, youmight want to consider Planed Hacking. If you are a patient logic thinker,try Combo Hacking.2. Getting Started:First you will need to know that all a code does it modify a string in thegame. The first eight digits represent a position in the game, while thelast four digits tell what to change the previous string to. You will alsoneed to know that no two codes for the same game, with different effects,can ever be the same. That is probably known by all or most GameSharkowners.3. FreeStyle Hacking:FreeStyle Hacking is probably the easiest way to waste alot of time, but ifyou want to be a FreeStyle Hacker, here’s how – Type in anything for acode. Use codes for other games and observe effects. I really don’trecomend this.4. Planned Hacking:This is my kind of hacking. It requires good observation and logic skills.This means that you will need to compare, contrast and sometimes combinecodes.Comparing Codes:When comparing codes you will need to1. Have two or more similar codes2. Write them down3. Write down differences in the codes.Say you have two codes, one for invincibility on one level andinvincibility on another. The codes are:first level: 8092FA57 040B

second level: 8089AA57 040BThe difference in both codes is three digits (92F and 89A). the rest isexactly the same. Those digits might be for the level. To find out more,you might get codes for other levels and see the difference. You might usethose digits in other codes to find more.5. Combo HackingCombo Hacking is easy if you master Planned Hacking. All you do is randomlymodify your newly-made code (modify your modified code). The below text will give you a walkthrough of what certain digits of the Gameshark Code do.1.The first two digits are the STYLE of the code, these two tell the wholecode to be ADVANCED, BEGINNER, or BUTTON…2.The next three are the game code, these tell the Gameshark what game toeffect. You might notice that most codes for one game, have these numbersALMOST identical.3.The next three effect one part of the game.4.The last four digits are the quantity digits, or how much that certainpart of the game is effected.5.To sum it all up, the code 80903445 0024 might be for the game WarGods,903 would be the game game code for WarGods. It effects one of thecharacters, 445 effects one of the characters only. It gives that characterinstant 24 hit combos, 0024 is the quantity digits for 24. THIS CODE DOESNOT WORK, THESE RULES APPLY MOST OF THE TIME, BUT NOT ALWAYS!——————————————————————————– GoldenEye Codes HQ Q Branch Back To The Top Email Me Email Jerry BondLast Updated: January 9, 1999 This Page was Created By Mike Schneider. The “How To” was created By Jerry Bond.If you use any of the tricks and codes from this site for your own site, all the GoldenEye Codes HQ team asks is that you link back to our site, or put this banner somewhere within your site:

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