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Magnificant Encounter Essay, Research Paper

The Magnificent Encounter

Humans have had a long history of encounters with animals. There are many occurences of humans coming into contact with animals. Dolphins are wild creatures. At the same time, how can they be the gentlest creatures? They come swimming right up to people and they do not even hesitate or back away. They somehow trust people. Their almost perfectly shaped bodies glide through the water like the wind gliding across the endless ocean.

I was walking along the sandy white beach when I heard a loud screech in the distance. I turned and looked toward the gleaming ocean. What I saw at that moment were the most beautiful creatures I had ever seen. Two bottlenose dolphins were jumping high out of the sparkling ocean. Their bodies left a perfect shadow across the sky at sunset. I was totally amazed at the acrobatic abilities of these gentle creatures. I was somehow drawn to the gleaming ocean by the amazing jumping dolphins. I started walking slowly into the roaring ocean. As I began to approach the graceful bottlenose dolphins, they were not the slightest bit apprehensive. I was thinking to myself, how could these gentle creatures be so calm around a human being? I swam up next to the bottlenose dolphins. I began to lightly stroke their triangular-shaped dorsal fin. Their skin felt like soft, smooth, moist rubber. The shape of the dolphin’s body was long and oval. They began to swim playfully around me. I was not sure what to do at this point. Then one of the bottlenose dolphins began to nudge me with its nose. The other dolphins began to use their highly developed sounds to communicate with one another. I was thinking that maybe they wanted me to play with them. I decided that I would go for a ride on the dolphin. I grabbed the dolphin’s dorsal fin. I began to fly across the smooth ocean just like I saw the dolphins do. It was the most exciting and heart stopping moment of my life. When the ride was over, the dolphins began to swim away. All of a sudden in the distance I saw them jump high in the sky, flip and then land gracefully in the calm blue ocean.

The bottlenose dolphin is one of the most playful and magnificent of all mammals. They accepted me as a friend and trusted me like one of their own. Sometimes humans forget how wonderful animal encounters can be. Animals can make a difference in the life of a human as demonstrated in the story above. As we humans sometimes forget, all it takes is a little animal encounter to appreciate the awe of nature.

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