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Core Democratic Values Essay, Research Paper

I believe that the government should make higher education available to every young person that qualifies due to their study and good grades and are willing to repay their debt once their education is over.

Some people would disagree, stating that it is not the governments responsibility to put people through college. They also may argue that the added eight billion dollars it would cost a year is too much. However, the people who received these benefits could pay back the government by their choice of servicing society through child-care, police, military, health care, and other jobs.

A Core Democratic Value that supports my view is common good. The national service trust fund is a good example of the government undertaking programs to benefit the common good. Tax money would be used to pay for peoples tuition’s into college. Later those individuals would repay the government by two years of low paying community service.

Evidence of data that supports my position from the excerpt is that America has provided a trust fund before. The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 helped to educate an entire generation of people, and 95 percent of its beneficiaries. This wide success helped prove that an investment in citizens’ education is very useful to all parties involved.

This position can also be supported with prior knowledge, as I know that people who go to college are more likely to get a high paying job. A public value to people receiving higher education is that people who go to college are less likely to have reliance on government financial supports later in life. Another reason that this would benefit the government is that after college, the individual would have to take a low paying national service job.

In conclusion, I find that this trust fund would not only benefit the people that received the funding but also the government as well. The government would gain because after the students have completed college they would receive a worker at a low price. The person receiving the fund would receive a higher education, but later would have to repay society by working for low wages in a government job. So, when all is done, most of the costs, both monetary and otherwise, are balanced out.

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