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The names of the various styles and types of music

culturally associated with my country are at first there is

folk music and then there is urban music then comes all the

advanced music which is mostly are immitated from American

music. But the music that would define my country is folk music

and most of the folk music are sang by the poor people in the

country but some of the rich people also sings folk music but

they consider singing it as a hobby. But the popular folk music

in Bangladesh are sang by the people that were poor and got

higher in society by singing folk music. But urban music is

written and sang by regular people in Bangladesh. Before urban

music was invented or came to Bangladesh, folk music was

popular to everyone starting from little kids to older people.

But when urban music came and or was invented in Bangladesh

most of the people started to like urban music because it had

new instrument such as tabla, harmoniam, bashi and etc. All

these instruments are made and played in Bengali urban music.

But when advanced music came people forgot about folk music but

they did listen to urban music and they rocked with advanced

music. Advanced music is the same music that puff daddy sings

and Madonna sings and the music that is sang by all the other

popular singer but what Bengali people does is that they take

all the instrumental sounds from all the popular song in

America and they pay other people in Bangladesh to sing and

they pay them the half the money that they make. Now most of

the people in Bangladesh are into advanced music and most of

the advanced music is sang by guys that are 20, 21, 23 and guys

that drop high school and don’t graduate but they get into

music business.

Folk music can only be defined as voices and the people

that sang most of the folk music used nothing but an instrument

called “aktara”. But urban music can be defined as abstract

music with tone color, and some of them has accent. Most of the

advanced music is abstract music and has a beat, tempo, dynamic

and orchestration but 75 percent of the advanced music is

immitated from this country.

All of these music are danced to except folk music but

most of the people dances to urban music and the dance is

called indian dance because it’s immitated from indian songs

and people dances to it because they think it’s hip and it’s

fun. But most of the older people like my grand parents likes

folk music but hates urban and advanced music.

There is no different music in different part of my

country because the same music is heard and danced to in the

whole country but except in India because India is kind of

faster and kind of advanced in music than Bangladesh. So most

of the Bangladeshian music is immitated from all over the

world. But people that are poor doesn’t listen to no music

except listens to the people that goes around town and sings

folk music. Most of the people in Bangladesh that lives in

village still thinks folk music are popular and when they goes

visit the city in Bangladesh and which is Dhaka gets amazed by

all the urban and advanced music.

The instrument that is used in folk music is called

“Aktara”. Aktara is a coconut skull that has two wooden sticks

at the side and kind of shaped like a triangle and has a string

from the middle that is hooked to the two sticks at the top and

it makes funny noice which is very popular in Bangladesh. Urban

music uses tabla which is like a drum but it’s not. It’s two

little round thing which you got to hit with your hands to make

noices like drums but it’s similar to drum. Then there is

harmoniam which makes noice like piano but it’s half the size

of piano and then comes bashi which is the almost the same as


My family does listen to urban music but my grand parents

only listens to folk music. But my parents listens to little

folk music and mostly urban music and they love slow songs and

they have all the Madonna’s album and they likes a little rock

music. I listen to a little urban music because my parents

always listens to it in the car so everytime when i go

somewhere with them i get hooked to it but i don’t really

listen to it that much. I only like rap but the annoying thing

is that when Bengali people takes rap song and sings it in

Bangali language and sells it. It sounds really annoying so i

don’t listen to Begali advanced music.

The origin of Bengali music is the earliest known piece of

Bengali literature “Charyapada” used to be sung melody (or like

chants). As with any other forms of folk-art, Bengali folk

music’s evolutionary history is not very clearly understood.

But the reserchers says that Bengali folk music is not very


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