Реферат: Three Little Pigs Essay Research Paper Matt

Three Little Pigs Essay, Research Paper

Matt Daville (Patrick, Catherine, Ryan)

English 2

Ms. Fullilove


The Three Little Pigs

Omniscient Point of View

There once was a mother pig who could no longer bear to keep her little pigs tied up in the house, so she told her three little pigs that it was now time for them to seek their fortune. She warned them that each one should build a house to keep himself safe, thinking of the dangers that were out in the real world especially with each little pig being by himself. Finally, the mother pig kissed her little pigs goodbye, and sent the three little pigs on their way happily unaware of the little pigs were about to get into.

The first little pig met a man with a bundle of straw. He asked the man for some straw and built himself a cozy little straw house.

Soon enough a wolf came along and knocked on the door, saying, ?Little pig, little pig, let me come in!? The wolf was drooling hungrily over the picture of a fat roasted pig in his mine, which he had been thinking of all day. He thought to himself that if the little pig would even so much as put a crack in the door he would force himself in and make himself a nice batch of cracklins from his earned pig.

To the wolf?s surprise, the frightened little pig replied, ?Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.?

This angered the wolf deeply so the he decided that he would just huff and puff and blow the little pig?s straw house to smithereens. The wolf then mentally prepared himself for a great big puff. The wolf started repeating encouraging phrases in his mind like ?I think I can, I think I can?.. He suddenly let out a tremendous blow from his large lungs and blew the house right off its foundation leaving the little pig no other choice but to run to his brother?s house.

The unbelievingly hungry wolf followed the juicy little pig to his brother?s house while he was thinking of the great taste of the dark red blood that would flow into his taste buds once he gets a hold the pigs. The wolf had to stop himself from thinking those kinds of thoughts any further because it would only make him hungrier. He then started pounding on the second little pig?s wooden house chanting? Little pigs, little pigs, let me come in!?

This time the wolf was not wanted in the house by the second little pig which is the time second he is rejected but the wolf doesn?t worry about it because in the back of his mine he knew that he could juts blow the house away again. That was exactly what happened too. Once again both little fat pigs ran to the last brother?s house for protection.

The wolf was thinking that this was getting very old following the little pigs to a house that he would easily blow down. He was also unaware that the third little pig? house was made of bricks. He asked the third pig to come in but he was rejected just like the other two times. Taking a deep breath to blow down the brick house he suddenly let it all out and a great roar of wind came from within his chest. The brick house did not even budge. The wolf filled with fiery climbs on to the roof of the sturdy house and made his way to the chimney. He was thinking once again how good the pig?s would taste at lunch earlier that day. The wolf then jumped down and spilled into the pot filled with boiling hot water and Tony Cherchere?s Seanoning. The wolf was just mere history by the time he fell into the pot, but the last thing he saw was the three little pig?s drinking what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage shouting,? Wazzzzz Uppppp!?

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