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Acorn People Essay, Research Paper

My Brother Sam Is Dead

James & Christopher Lincoln Collier

Copyright 1974

Some of the major themes in this book were that Tim and his family has to survive through out this book. Another theme was to keep their store going and not to close it because that is where they make almost all of their money by selling those products. Finally, they had to keep Sam alive while he is in the army.

The main characters in My Brother Sam Is Dead are Tim, Mother, Father, and Sam. There are many more characters in this book but I think those characters are the ones that popped into my mind through out my reading.

This book takes place in New York and later on in the story it takes place in Connecticut.

Well in started way back in the 1800?s where Tim and his brother Sam had to help take care of the farm and the store to keep the family healthy. It seems to me that father was mad at Sam because he wanted to join the army and father kept yelling at Sam and Sam said that he was going too and he did. Father was crying after he made that decision and so wouldn?t Tim later on in the story. When Sam was gone Tim, Mother, and Father was worried that he was hurt and he had nothing to eat. Later on, father and Tim had to deliver supplies and little did they know it they were followed in by cowboys that took father and not Tim. Tim was so worried and when he met his fellow friend, his friend told him that his father was dead because the cowboys placed on a ship were they would starve and get sick. So Tim was all alone with his Mother, and they had to work the farm and store by them selves. When Tim was out riding his horse going to go see colonel Parsons. Sam ended up dying by getting his head sliced off by a sword and the worse thing was that Tim was behind a bush and couldn?t say nothing or they would do something bad to him, so he just sat there and watch the carnage of his brother Sam.

I thought this book was all right because it was boring at some points and hard to understand at other sections of the book. Also, it was kind of sad at some points like when his father and Sam had passed away.

All through out this book I got an image in my head that I was the main character of Tim and I felt sad and angry hat what the cowboys said and done to father. Another thing I imagined was that it was hard to run the store and the farm at one time because he had to milk the cows and feed them.

Finally, I liked how this book was a little harder than the other book the Acorn People because I read the Acorn People in 2 hours while this book My Brother Sam Is Dead I finished in 3 weeks even though I was real tired of all the sports and activities I was in. lastly, I recommend this book to people that like history and challenging books to read.

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