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Sitine Chapel Essay, Research Paper

The Sitine Chapel

There are many different pieces and many different style of art in the world. But none may hold more power and creativity than the one about to be discussed. This piecs of art is known to us as The Sistine Chapel. The Encylapedia of America says “this chapel was built by Giovannia de’ Dolci between 1471 and 1484 for Sixtus IV” .”This masterpiece” as it was called by Carlo Pietrangeli the writer of the report on the Sistine Chapel. Even though The Sistine Chapel is considered my many to be just a piece of art, it is a well known landmark because of it’s beauty, history, and the signifigance of the Sistine Chapel.

The Sistine Chapel is located in Vatican which is home to many historic land marks, and museums. Vatican is also the home of the Pope and is a well know historic catholic city.According to the World Book Encyclepedia 1999 vol 18″The Sistine Chapel is a simple building, 134ft long by 44ft wide and 85 ft tall.” But it has on it’s ceilings and walls some of the greatest art ever produced.”Brilliant artist’s of the late 1400’s decorated the walls with paintings that tell the stories of Moses and Christ”. (World Book 476 Vol 17). On the ceiling are Biblical stories painted by the great artist Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. According to Charles Symore the author of the book Michelangelo the Sistine ceiling “the ceiling tells the history of the creation of the world, the fall of humanity, and the flood” .On the Wall above the altar is probably the most famous painting in the chapel and it is called the last judgment, a painting over 50 ft tall and 30 ft wide. Michelangelo worked on the last judgment for an entire 5 years. According to Michael Hirst the author of The Sistine Chapel A gloriouse Restoration”This chapel was also decorated by many of the great artist’s of the time which include Sandro Botticelli, Luco Signorelli, and Perugino. All of these walls which were decorated by these men show the history of the World according to the Bible. This wonderful, amazing piece of work took sixty eight years to accomlpish, from the ground breakinguntil the final touches were placed on the extaoridanary art work. This Terrific piece of art still to this day is inspiring artist’s of out time.

Not only is the chapel beautiful but it also has enormouse amounts of historical value. “This chapel is where the chief papal cerimonies take place. The chapel is also where the Cardinals come to elect a new Pope.”(World Book 476 Vol 17) The chapel was built by Givonnia de’ Dolci between 1471 and 1484. It was named after Sixtus IV for he was the one who ordered it to be constructed. The chapel is a rectangular brick strusture with six round arched windows on each of the long walls and a low barrel-vaulted ceiling.

Though this is a beautiful structure, The chapel is most well known for it’s ceiling paintings. This caeiling appears to be a rare original piece, before the painting on the ceiling of the sistine chapel nothing like this had ever been done. THough the wall are beautiful the art accomplished by Michaelangelo has proven over time to be and extraordinary, beautiful piece of work. According to The World Book Encyclepedia 1999 Vol 13 pg 484 “Michelangelo’s contriibution to the chapel was the grandest of them all. Michelangelo, forced against his own will by Julius to undertake the huge task, began the ceiling in 1508 and completed it in 1512.” Michelangelo while painting the ceiling used a technique call today fresco, this is the applying of paint to damp, freshly laid plaster and working quickly before the plaster sets and dries. “Michelangelo painted the ceiling from a scaffold, standing up, not lying down on his back as many histians once thought.” (World Book 1999 Vol 13 pg484) While he painted the ceiling he also kept a journal and in this journal he wrote a poem in which he complained of a stiff neck and of paint dripping into his eyes. In the margin on the same page he drew a caricature of himself reaching up to paint. The top of ths ceiling is about seventy feet from the floor.

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