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Biography Of Frank Zappa Essay, Research Paper

Frank Zappa have lived a eventful life. He has been in numerous groups and produced 8 times as many records. Frank was the one of 3 children (Carl, Candy, & Bobby) born in Baltimore, Maryland. Frank was a curious child and learned about music at a young age. At this moment Frank’s talent began to build.

He first started his interest in drums at the age of 12. Going to summer school in Monterey to learn orchestral percussion. At the age of 13 he made his first song called “Ionisation” which consisted of nothing but drums and sirens. During this time he started a collection of r&b records. The Ramblers was the first band that he joined, he was the extra drummer that got fired from the group for playing so badly. His next year he formed his own group called The Blackouts which was named after some members drinking Peppermint Schnapps and going wierd. Carl (his brother) sold Frank his first guitar for $1.50 that he got from an auction. From there Frank concentrated on guitar solo records so he bought lots of records like Howlin’ Wolf with Hubert Sumlin and Muddy Waters. On June 13th, 1958 Frank graduated from high school, but the thing was that when he graduated he left with 20 units less than the rest of the students. They let him graduate because the teachers said they didn’t want to see him there next year.

His finished his first recording with Don Van Vliet (friend from school) called Lost in a Whirlpool. Frank married Kay Sherman in 1959, the same year he wrote a score for the movie Run Home Slow. A couple months after he got married he formed a garage band called Boogie Men, and as fast as this band was created it ended. The reason to them breaking up was that they weren’t making any money, so he joined another group Joe Perrino and the Mellotones. By the time he was 21 he made his first record release “The Masters: Break Time / 16 Ton”.

As years progressed he because the owner of a recording studio called “Studio Pal” only to rename it “Studio Z” only to have it for a few months because he would soon loose it to the city widening their streets. At that same time he joined another group named “Soul Giants” and then renamed them “Captain Glasspack and the Magic Mufflers” then renamed them again to “The Mothers”. During the beginning of 1967 Frank Zappa released “Absolutely Free. Over the next few months he released plenty albums such as; “We’re only in it for the Money”, “Lumpy Gravy”, “Cruising with Ruben and the Jets”, “Uncle Meat”, and “Mothermania”.

Frank Zappa released approximately 52 more ablums before his untimely death on December 4th, 1993. The cause of his death was of prostate cancer that was acquired earlier. Frank Zappa lived an interesting life and has produced more albums than people can buy. From a family of 3 kids, who barely made it out of high school to a musical genius who is multi-talented instrumental wise, Frank Zappa has made an impact on jazz, rock-and-roll, rhythm & blues, and all other types and forms of music.

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