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It s a Good Thing Harry Met Sally

The 1989 film, When Harry Met Sally is a romantic-comedy masterpiece. It exhilarates us, and leaves us breathless, desperate for more. It isn t the best romantic-comedy ever made, but it certainly falls right into the category of classics. Genius Rob Reiner ( The American President ) directs us into the lives of Harry and Sally, and also featured is an exceptional score from Harry Connick, Jr. Beautifully written by Nora Ephron ( You ve Got Mail ); her witty, tongue-slashing, yet heartfelt dialogue became an Oscar-Nominated screenplay. When Harry Met Sally is a wonderful picture for all.

The story starts out in 1977 at the University of Chicago where Harry and Sally first meet. They are taking the trip from Chicago to New York where they are headed to launch their careers. The eighteen-hour trip proves to be very interesting, indeed. We see Harry and Sally getting to know each other through endless arguments and disagreements. Although many arguments seem pointless and there just to fill space, we still watch intently, as the characters are real and funny. Crystal is a very humorous fellow, portraying his character as a talkative, intelligent and likable person, and Ryan portrays her character perfectly as a sweet, take-charge, and optimistic young woman. We laugh along, as Harry explains just why men and women can never really be friends, and the debate of whether or not sex can ruin a perfectly good friendship between a man and a woman. Harry obviously seems to think so, and Sally vehemently disagrees. Needless to say, Harry and Sally part without regret, and with no intention of ever seeing each other again.

The two meet again five years later, in 1982, on an airplane. They talk for awhile, and we find out Harry is about to be married, and Sally is in a new relationship. He reiterates the Men and Women rule and even amends it. We find ourselves even becoming familiar with this rule; it is expressed so often in the movie, you feel like you want to slap someone to shut up already. But aside from that, the movie goes on and you go on intently watching. Then, once again, Harry and Sally part without remorse, and again with no intention of ever meeting again.

Another five years has gone by, it is now 1987, and Harry and Sally meet once again. Harry is recently divorced and Sally has just broken up with her boyfriend of five years. The two seem much more mature, and to our delight they actually become friends best friends. They are best friends for a very long time, and throughout their extensive friendship, we find ourselves bubbling with glee at every point in the film. We see once again the debate arising of the Men and Women rule, but this time we know something good comes from it, and it doesn t bother us at all. The story is very beautifully ended; and its makes us think, It s a good thing Harry met Sally.

Stunning acting by not only Crystal and Ryan, but also their supporting cast of Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby, who play Sally and Harry s best friends. All of their comedic timing is absolutely perfect; making this motion picture a delightful and delicious romantic comedy for all ages. We watch and we laugh; we actually feel the heartache and we pray that Harry and Sally would finally open their eyes and realize what they have in front of them is so real.

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