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Animal Experimentation (Outline For) Essay, Research Paper

The Contention Outline

Thesis Statement: Animal Experimentation is unnecessary and unneeded within the United States

Thus I present the Following contentions to support my thesis:

1) Human beings do not have a prima facie right to use other animals, if they are unwilling to do so upon either them selves or other human beings.

A) From Nedim C. Buyukmihinci V.M.D. “Over the last couple of decades, I slowly have eliminated my overt and intentional involvement in the exploitation of nonhuman animals. Although it did not come about at once, I eventually came to realize that all arguments in support of harming (in its broadest sense) and killing nonhuman animals for human purposes, except in immediate life and death dilemmas, fundamentally are flawed, particularly from a moral perspective. The Major defense put forth is that human beings, or other animals, derive benefits from this use. Even a charitable interpretation of such arguments is that the ends justify the means. This notion, however, is something we have rejected when it come to our interaction with each other and I see no compelling reason not to apply the same moral proscription to our interaction with other animals.”

B) From a paper by David Lee Winston Miller ” From Non-Human species to the human species, we cannot even make crude extrapolations between similar species. We cannot even make reliable extrapolations from strains of the same species, thus making such experimentation ill judged and dangerous.”

2) The cause of such is purely due to the experimenter?s wish to avoid a lawsuit

A)From the PETA fact book August of 95, ” Corporate scientists are unable to use adequate subjects as any attempt to do so would result in legal disputes that such enterprises would care to be left out of.”

B) From a paper published by Dr. Sigmund H. Hammel, April of 96, “Many advocates of animal testing insist on the necessity of such experiments not for cosmetics but for medicines. But the tests today should not be carried out upon animals as there are techniques to test for harmful side effects which involve human cell cultures.”

3) Currently not enough is commonly known about alternative experimentation to be an effective device for social conscious companies.

A) The need to remove facilities accommodated to animal test subjects, does not out way the unheard of use of alternative experimentation.

B) It is purely common business sense to spend the least amount of money possible unless you stand to lose more from using the lesser amount of money.

4) Thus let it be resolved That the Status quo accept this following resolution:

A) As presented through various sources the need for animals in experimentation is obsolete and unnecessary. So must be adopted a policy of educating laboratories and the common public about alternative experimentation. Such as Experimenting upon Human cell cultures which would not feel pain and therefore would not be violating the above resolution.

5) Refutation

A) From the H.A.A.R.M. Web page ” The use of animals is justified purely due to the fact that it will benefit human existence and continue our survival.”

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