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Poverty In America Essay, Research Paper

Brandon Cristobal



Phil 103

? Poverty, all day, everyday?

Coming home everyday to nothing to eat is the scenario for the young children whose parents are on welfare. Those parents are stuck on welfare and can?t give there children anything they want, they take the money the state gives them just to get by, maybe not even able to get the biological needs to survive. But what kind of people are on welfare? Should taxpayers pay for the mistakes of lazy and unmotivated citizens? Welfare is very questionable, why should we give free money to people who may need help or just be plain slackers. We need to address these problems and find a solution to welfare and who should receive it.

Poverty, the lower class in need of money and don?t have very much of it. Welfare helps those in the class of poverty but what do they do with those checks on the 1st and 15th. If the people on welfare were hurting or trying to recover welfare wouldn?t be a problem but when they stay on it for a long period it puts a strain on the American economy. We need a more demanding application for welfare to really see who needs the help and whose just trying to get a free check in the mail.

According to Susan Mayer, who conducted a study on poverty, there are two types of poor people. Some simply lacked money but still had middle class values and benefit from government income support. Then there was the true ?lower class? that would ?live in squalor? even if their incomes were doubled.? But how can we tell the difference between the two, you can?t judge a book by its cover. So as to show that welfare is helping America we should have more accurate reports to help us outlook on what is really happening.

Or should we banish welfare and live the rule of, ?the survival of the fittest?.. If pushed to survive and not spoon fed by the government maybe the lower class would show some initiative to work. But if that did not work it would put a lot of people on the streets begging and peddling. Or maybe the answer to this welfare is just giving America its basic needs to live. Both sides of the argument weigh heavily and are very strong.

So will America ever see the day with no poverty or is poverty among us day to day.

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