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Gun Control 9 Essay, Research Paper

American is faced with the steady growing of the violence, which relates to the guns. Some people feel that the issue of the gun law will limit crime rate. Others argue that the issue of gun control should not exist due to the fact that guns are necessary for self- defense against crime. With the fast of the crime rate, and mostly after the school shooting in Colorado, gun control has been a hotly debate and a controversial in recent month.

Gun is considered the source of the violence. A vast majority of citizens express gun as weapon of the death or injury. They argue that the more guns with which our society equips or manufactures by gun markers, the greater violent involving firearm to occur. Many kinds of violent as rapes, robberies, assault with the firearm of all type link to the using gun. The crime shows that young black male comprised the majority of the intentional gunshot (59%). Many officers were injuriy in firearm assaults or killed (67 were killed by firearm while responding to a crime). Victims were killed during an argument (21 %), robberies (11 %), and drug offense (6%). Gun has become closely linked to drugs and murders in public where gangsters shot it out for a patch of turf to sell illegal drug. Handgun used the most in the violent crime (86 % in 1.1 million violent). But in recent year, the use of the automatic handguns in violent crime has been increasing, and most guns using in the crime are stolen. There is a stream of those guns out of the gun s stores into the hand of criminals .It is a proven fact that with nearby 1000 officers murdered (91 % with firearm, 73 % handgun, 19 % rifles, 8 % shotguns); therefore; guns have been the murder weapons of choice. So, people believe that society or government had to reply on weapon that create harm and criminals. Therefore, the gun should be outlawed.

However, gun only is a tool which criminals use for violent crime .Gun don t kill people, people kill people. The solving problem depends on who is using gun, what situation it is involved in. So, the gun control bill will cause people who purchase a handgun legally much complex procedure. The consumer must go through two months waiting period. These procedures guarantee the innocent and reliability of a gun owner.

An interesting recent development has been the opposition the gun control advocates. Many people feel that gun control violates the right of people given in the 2nd Amendment the right to bear arm. Many innocent people claim that the right to bear arm for protection, and sometime even for their hobby activities as hunting, sports because firearm have been a part of the American trandition. Opponents of gun control, including The National Rifle Association, and most Republicans argue that it is difficult for guns to be bought and require the background checks on everyone who buy guns; it will threat to the personal safety of American families everywhere .In the state of Oregon, for example, Senator Gordon H. Smith, Republican fells ashamed on the gun issue and he protested the Democratic proposal required the background check for all sales, and Republican s proposal that would have made those check voluntary in some cases.

In many States, including Oregon, Michigan, Florida, Texas have stated that they want to preserve their right to carry gun for self defense .In Michigan, Republican promise to make it easier for people to obtain permits to carry concealed weapons, and disenable school shooting as people unable to defend themselves, and carry weapon would make school safer. With the gun free zone proposal caused extremely debates in the public because everybody argues that gun should be prohibited in school.

In addition, Anti- gun control people think that enforcing gun control will not an effect on the crime rate because it will not keep criminals form purchasing weapons. If gun control is effective, criminals will always fine any ways to get guns when they need it. They are willing to pay any price so that they will get they want, or they will buy guns form an illegal dealers. Therefore, gun owners have to protect themselves form these criminals, and all gun owners must be informed of their right to keep and bear arms.

In contrast, the gun control advocates claim that gun violence must be stopped in this country. They would like to see criminals disarm; they want the violence to stop at the random. Most of democrat s states agree with sentiments .In many states as NewJersy, Illinois, Connecticut, California, for example, endorsed the gun bill to pass .The most dynamics of debate is in California. They described the school shooting, Colorado as horrible smell, like a big volcano that suddenly erupted, and a tragedy in America.

The movement against the gun industry also become complexly

. Many group as in California, Los Angeles sue gun manufactures provide to dealer and sell to criminals with the hope will force the manufacturers to change their way to the market firearm. They argue that the gun markers should fell the cost of human suffering form the gun; it is not about the money .The gun markers supply the illegal gun by flooding the legal markets with far more gun than it can absorb; large gun using in crimes were sold to the illegal or are sold new in stores to criminals .Gun control advocates and many law enforcement now think the gun markers must be aware of what is happening in the society at least to some degree.

Gun control which Government restricts the abilities of the individual citizens to purchase weapon has some bad effects; and what kinds of people will affect after gun laws are passed .The gun law is mostly affect to the innocent citizens who always obey the law. Citizens sometime cannot purchase guns with the background check through legal dealers or channels. Therefore, good citizens cannot protect their home and families ability. In contrast, the criminals will continue to violate new laws; they will continue to buy or carry guns; they will find their efforts at crime much easier because they know that most victims will not carry firearm under gun control law .The situation at this time may be worse than one which not prohibit carry arm. Innocent people may turn into victims with the new laws because it is impossible for them to fight back .So, an unarmed people cannot or has a little chance against an armed one.

Besides, the gun control advocates have argued their case by demonizing the gun itself, rather than addressing the people who commit violent crimes. They attempt to claim that possession of gun turns citizens into bloodthirsty lunatics. But the result is opposition, for example, the crime rate is highest in areas as Washington DC where have a strict gun laws. Whereas, the crime rate is dropping in Florida where ownership of the firearm is not prohibited and encouraged. Therefore, the legal ownership of firearm does not cause crime.

However, the gun control bill failed to pass in the House with 280 opposing and 147 favors a few weeks ago. Republican in the House insist that the parent have responsibilities to control, to take care their children, to prevent their bad actions at one, and the preventing crime is not the work or problem of the House. In contrast, Democrats in the House, including the president Bill Clinton fell depressing because they think that the gun markers, National Rifle Associate are standing behind Republican who outnumber in the House. American may look again their Representatives in the House, and maybe they will express their ideas or action in the next election in the year of 2000.

In conclusion, the gun control has still been a controversial issue forever. There are two side of the passing gun control. People against gun control fell that it is violation of the constitution to control the sale and distribution because they cannot defense themselves, and criminals start looking for others victims out of fear. However, it is necessary to be certain limits on the way which firearm are carried in this country because of high crime rate in the recent years .The government should has the correct actions and must efforts toward controlling crime as limiting the sell and distribution guns.

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