Реферат: Treasure Island Essay Research Paper

Treasure Island Essay, Research Paper


Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) was born into a

family of Scottish lighthouse engineers. Because he suffered

from tuberculosis as a child, his education was somewhat

neglected. However, he did study engineering and later became

a lawyer–both to please his parents–but what he really wanted

to do was write. He never practiced law, but rather worked at

establishing himself in print. It took several years before his

work was recognized. He wrote Treasure Island while receiving

medical treatment in Davos, Switzerland. He later spent some

time in America and eventually moved to Samoa, where he died


Treasure Island is a story about a young man named Jim

that has been asked to write down the whole particulars about

Treasure Island,from the beginning ,to the end,keeping

nothing back but the bearings of Treasure island. Jim lived

with his parents at the Admiral Benbow, it was an inn and a

old pirate by the name of Billy Bones stayed there, he was

mean and grouchy. One day he died and when Jim and his

mom went to his room to collect his stuff, and get their money

they found a map with all his things.

Jim told Dr. Livesey and Mr. Trelawney went and acquired

them a ship by the name of the Hispanolia. Mr. Trelawney

put a crew together with the help of Long John Silver who was

a cook. When they got them all together they set sail to find

the treasure. In the beginning everybody did just like they

were supposed o. They all did their chores with out

complaining. Jim helped out a lot and Long John seemed to

like Jim a lot.

One day when Jim went to get an apple out of the apple

barrel, he heard Long John Silver and another shipmate

talking about what they were going to do when they got to the

island that the treasure was on. They were going to take over

and keep the treasure for themselves. When Jim heard it he

ran and told Dr. Livesay and Mr. Trelawney. Now that they

were warned, they tried to get all the one that were on their

side together. Once the island was spotted, the crew didn?t

want to do anything anymore, it was like they were just

waiting so they could get the treasure and that was it.

On the island fighting began among the crew of the

Hispanolia, Long Johns crew against Jim and his crew. Jims

men were outnumbered from the start but held on. They

fought hard and a lot of good men died. While on the island,

Jim met a man by the name of Benn Gunn. He helped Jim and

the crew a lot. At first Jim did?t know who he could trust.

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