Реферат: Cyrano De Bergerac By Edmond Rostand Essay

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In Edmond Rostand?s play Cyrano de Bergerac, there is a man. A man of many talents, Cyrano. A man of wit, pride, and poetry. In the people he comes in contact with he displays he many great talents. He helps his friend Christian win the hart of a lovely woman. He is a strong man and uses his talents to help the people even if it is all he has.

Cyrano is a very wise man. He likes to share his talents and his wit with the people around him. He displays this in the seen where he is repaying the people for ruining there play. He gives all that he has for the month so the people will not get mad. He does not except donations from other people because he has to much pride in himself and will not stoop that low. He has set high standards for himself and lives by them. Besides the fact that he doesn?t except donations he also is in touch with his feelings and knows his week spots and knows how to work around them. He is such a smart person that when he was trying to stall de Guish he came up with the story of how he fell form the moon and all the stuff he knew about space.

Another one of his talents is the way he can use his sward. He is a highly regarded swordsman. He saved his friend from a hundred men all by himself, that Is talent with the sward. There are stories about him that he will challenge anyone who makes fun of his large nose to a duel, and he never losses. He is also a commander in the army and this is where he meets Christian.

When he meets Christian he agrees to write letters to Roxan for him because he isn?t as smart as Cyrano. So Cyrano writes letters for Christian and soon Roxan loves him for his poetic writings instead of his looks. These are Cyrano?s special talent in that he can subdues any women in his writings or even his songs. He gets Roxan to fall madly in love with Christian because of the writing he does for him.

Yes, Cyrano is your true lades man, he can even be called the Renaissance man. This is why Cyrano is such a talented and truly gifted man. I wish there could be more of them around but there can only be so many.

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