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Russian Recvolution Essay, Research Paper

Dark Earth. By: Dmitry Khramoy Amer Lit & Res. Period 102/18/99 The year is 3120 a thousand years have gone by from the start of the grate cataclysm of the 22nd century. The ones who have died were the once that were lucky. And the once who have lived were never the same. We the last of the rebels, are making our way through the wastelands. As we are moving Jackar started to tell one of his famous legends the legends of the days of before. As the legend goes A secret society known as the brotherhood of Etac thought to create a race of stronger, more powerful human beings which would make the people of the world loyal to them and over whom they would have complete control. Under the cover of scientific research and the study of natural phenomena, the brotherhood experimented on stolen corpses and attempted to isolate an extremely virulent agent, a mixture of plaque, rabies and other unknown components which would have the power to transform a human being into an astonishingly powerful creature which would totally be under there control. The brotherhoods initial experiments were horribly wrong, instead of superman their test subjects were at once transformed into horrid mutations. Unknown, The members of the Etac decided that the agent should be released on to the world, turning all the infected citizens into horrific monsters over whom the would have complete control. Their mad scheme might have succeeded but for Sam Sil a scientist who joined the brotherhood in the 21st hundreds. Sil grew increasingly alarmed by the madness of his fellow members, after some thought he came to the conclusion that this sacred but evil organization must be destroyed and their madness should be put and end to.On a cold gloomy night in 2120 when the members of the secret society gathered to make final the details of their gruesome plan in their secret crypt deep bellow the mountain of Senai. Their dark meeting lasted long in to the cold night, but finally the group has reached the decision. Mil Eling the head of the brotherhood decided that the plan would be carried out on Feb 28. Just then when there dark plan was done and it seemed that the fate of the world was sealed, a huge explosion rocked the mountain and covered the evil doings of the brotherhood forever under tons and tons of cold rock. Just then as Jackar stops to catch his breath the ground gives way under him and poor old Jackar plunges to his death. Poor Jackar said Hulvar well at least his words of the things that he liked best telling stories of the days that have gone long before. Well may the Sun God bless his path to the place of eternal light. As we pushed on making our way through the rubble of the cities whose names have long been forgotten. We the remaining few of the people of Dark Earth our Earth. A thousand Years in to the future. But far from being the happy glowing future we might hope for, this is a waste land an Icy merciless world. The days are perpetual twilight while the nights are shrouded in outer darkness. At the start of the 22nd century the gigantic comet passes very close to Earth, spiting out hundreds of deadly meteorites that nothing on the planet could stop. The resulting cataclysm changed the face of the earth forever. The sky became a dome of black dust, the air cold and thick. Now there is permanent murky smog, with visibility exceeding 500 meters. Nobody ventures out alone into the desolated landscape. Death lurks everywhere. Treacherous ground gives way beneath careless feel, poisonous invisible clouds of plaque drift through the air and the deadly cold of the night kills even the strongest. And then there are the creatures the things that creep and crawl soundlessly through. And yet in a nightmare world, a few Islands of hope and civilization still cling on to life. These are we the rebels the survivors of the plaque and of the cataclysm which ruptured the missiles holding the deadly plaque raising the deadly virus high in to the Earth atmosphere spreading it like wildfire all across the Earth. We try to live on to survive. We live in the cities of light the few places on Earth where the Sun penetrates the murky atmosphere. We try to survive the creatures that the brotherhood has unleashed on to us. And now if the legends are true That the last remaining members of the brotherhood realizing what they have done have developed the antidote for the plaque and huge amounts of dust that are trapping light from reaching earth. We the last few must reach and do everything we can to make Earth what it once was A beautiful land of nature and peace. As we climb over the ridge. Tears start flowing from the eyes of Yolanda. We are there she says. As we look over the terrain we see the remaining peaces of the once glorious city of before. As we push on into darkness and gloom of the city. All of a sudden inhuman cries fill the air. And then all of a sudden we hear a roar, a blast of fire and Hulvar is gone.

He was a good friend and a loyal member of the rebellion Says Yolanda as tears fill her eyes. There is no time to waste and we are again on the move. We must be close the creatures are every where I can fill there dark presence. Say I. We walk through the city carefully making our way throw the rubel of ancient buildings we came upon a square structure which remarkebly was still standing. As we came closer the creatures started to rear their ugly faces and it was evident to us that we were near the control center for the last members of the brotherhood. Yolanda and me the remaining two of the group made our way inside the building. But as soon we entered the building the door was closed and it appeared that our retreat was closed off. And I was faced with a horrible choice I had the weight of a Human life in my arms. I knew that going deeper in to the building would mean death. So I told Yolanda that I have made my decision she would live the building from the escape hatch that we have found and she would travel back home. Despite the dangers that faced her out there outside the walls she had a better chance of surviving out there instead of in here. I lead Yolanda to the escape hatch and now on my own I made may deeper in to the heart of the building getting closer and closer to the control room which I knew would set the whole world back in motion again freeing the people of the earth from this horrid plaque and turning the deadly creatures back in to normal human beings. As I carefully make my way through the dark narrow corridors of the building I see a light in front of me hurrying I make my way in a hurray when all of a sudden I feel a strong piercing pain in my shoulder. I quickly turn around and in horror see one of the creatures of the plaque. I reach for my gun I realize that this horrid monster was once my good friend Jackar but no time to waste as I raise my gun the creature once again makes his move his razor sharp claws slice deep in to my chest knocking almost twenty feet away closer to the light. Unable to walk I crawl to the light in hope that maybe I will make maybe I have a chance of finally fulfilling what I came to do save the planet. But the creature is getting closer I have no way to escape him I fire my gun hitting the creature in the shoulder which seams to have little or no effect on the creature. So as I lay there unable to do anything to save my self the creature comes closer and raises his hand to take one final slash and to finally end my existence. I close my eyes preparing for that final moment of my life I hear a shot and feel the weight of the creature on me I slowly open my eyes to see Yolanda standing over me. She rolls the dead creature of me and pulls my half-dead body to the well-lit room.As I have suspected the light that was in front of me was the control room for releasing the antidote. Yolanda punches in the command and we feel as something powerful lifts of the ground. We have done our job in a couple minutes we will hear the beautiful explosion. We make our way out side the building the sky is blue once again as the clouds of dust that filled our atmosphere fall to the ground. And it s finally over. We are free to start over again and make this planet the best it can be.

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