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Abortion Essay, Research Paper

VIEWS AGAINST ABORTIONStatistics show that a vast majority of teens are getting pregnant here in the United States. The U.S. has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and births in the Western Industrialized world. Not too long ago one of my closest friend found herself as one of those who make up this population of pregnant teens. The news was shocking for all of us, but what all my friends and I found even more shocking was the fact that she wanted to abort the baby. At first we were all mad at her for making this decision without even considering her options but she explained to us her side while we tried to persuade her to change her mind. Abortion has been and will always be a controversial issue in our society. I believe, that abortion is an inhumane act for a person to commit. Being put in this situation where someone very close to me was going to allow herself to destroy a life growing inside of her allowed me think more about the issue. I was able to actually take a stand and give my opinion about an important issue that I know will affect the life of someone I really care about. My stand on the abortion issue is that I am against it. The definition of abortion to me is killing your baby, a human being. Once a baby is conceived by its first trimester it has a heartbeat, meaning it has its own life. It is no longer up to the mother to take its life. The baby is innocent and does not deserve to be killed. I know my friend is a very responsible person and accidents happen, but she and the father should take responsibility in bringing what they created out into the world. Even though I have strong feelings about this issue my friend did have some arguments towards this topic which makes her believe that she was making the right

decision. First of all you have to consider the situation that was put on her. My friend is only 19 years old and is currently attending college at a State University. She has a whole life ahead of her and was not ready for this type of responsibility. Just weeks after she found out about her pregnancy she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her which ended the relationship between her and the father of the baby she was carrying. Because of this she could not even imagine having to be a single parent. Besides that she is the only daughter in her family and being a Filipino, due to the strict culture, having a child out of wed lock would be a disgrace to the family. Meaning she could get disowned. My friend was put under a lot of stress during this period of her life in deciding what would be the best for her and the baby. I do understand her points and it makes me want to rethink what decision I would have taken if I was in her shoes. However, I still believe that abortion is wrong. But, I m only one voice who is just stating their opinion. I was truly grateful that my friend gave me a chance and listened to what I had to say about her decision, but her mind was made up. She went through with the termination.When I use to hear about the abortion issues I really had no opinion about it since it did not really concern me or any one I knew. This event in my life, in regards to my friend and her decision of aborting her baby, has been a real eye opener for me. I realized that anyone can be put into this predicament, and once it comes you have to make the right decisions for not only yourself but for the baby you have created. In life there are many options open for you to consider, in this situation where another human life is involved, the option you should really turn to as your last resort is abortion.

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