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Common Grounds Essay, Research Paper

First of all, I would like to give a definition of what a dance and poetry is. Dancing is the art of moving the body in time to the music. Dancing is both an art and communication. Poetry is the art, theory, or structure of poems. Poem is a rhythmical composition, expressing experiences, ideas, or emotions, imaginative, and powerful. I think the dancers, the choreographers, and everybody that was involved with creating and directing the dance performance did an awesome job putting dance, poetry and music together. Eventhough it was only a rehearsal, I had a very strong and overwhelming feeling when I was watching the dancers dance.

This event is a modern dance, which includes the forms of dance created in reaction to classical ballet. It was almost like they were dancing ballet without the ballet shoes and costumes that the ballerinas wore. The dance was so natural and expressive, it complemented the music and the poetry very well. When I was watching the dancers I felt like I was watching the swaying of trees and the ocean. The steps they used included hopping, swaying, skipping, and running. From what I saw most of the dancers dance barefoot and wear tunics almost similar to those of Greek style, it showed the beauty of the dancers body. The dances was mimetic, which came from the Greek word imitation. Mimetic dance imitates the gestures and actions of real life (Bishop, 23.) The dance, music, and the poems brought the body, mind, and spirit together, it explored the threads that land us as people, to seek humanity and embrace common ground in which we live. It looked like any part of the body can be used and the music, costumes design, lighting and the movements all have their own identity.

The music had perfect tone, pitch, color, dynamics, rhythm and melody that went well with the dance. The music was brought to life by the dancers during their dance. The rhythm of the music had the most important function, as an accompaniment to the dance. With this performance the music did not dominate the dance. The pitch or the tone of the music was low and soft, and some part was not so high or loud that it would dominate the dance. The music was almost new age like, it was natural and moving. The music was simple and brief. It was also meaningful, and moving.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it was a nice experience for me that I got the chance to watch the dance rehearsal for the dance titled, Common Ground. I liked the performance very much. The dancing was very artful, expressive, entertaining, beautiful, and natural. In this dance performance, the dancers movements create a changing combination of line, motion, pattern, tension, and rhythm. The energy, expressiveness, and the beauty of the dance with the music and the poetry cannot be fully captured by a film. That s why I think it was a great experience for me to witness this dance performance live, eventhough it was only the rehearsal. The dance, music, and the poetry showed the threads that land us as people, to seek humanity and embrace common ground in which we live. The evening was a very interesting and fun event of dance expression and poetry.

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