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After The Bomb Essay, Research Paper

After The bomb

¨ Setting In this story they had been using the following places. Ø Bunker – it is a small room underground, out side the house which is use for any emergency. It just happened that Philip was in the room and playing with guitar and his brother Matt looking for him and found him in the room, and Cara followed in. Ø School Gym? here where a party. Ø Vista Del Valle? a village where Cara live. Philip always slowdown whenever he ran past by here. Ø Basement of Mr. Giamo?s House? here where Philip found Mr. Giamo and his wife he presume that he could borrowed their car for transport to the hospital for his mother. Ø Los Angeles? here where the bomb strike. Ø Burbank? here where the parents of Cara went before the bomb strike. Ø Santa Barbara, La Jolla? is just one of the affected places. Ø Church? here where Philip, Matt, and Cara stop by co?z Cara and Matt can?t walk any far. Here many people where dead, everywhere he walks dead and critically wounded. Ø Hospital? here where Philip brought his mother but nobody?s able to help him, many people are there other are burn other lost their limb, arm, foot, and he even saw a half body only, everywhere he walks dead body, critically wounded people and crying voices begging for help and attention. And here where he maid a negotiation for the sake of his mother. Ø La Canada? here where the hospital. Ø Pasadena? here where his father use to work unfortunately he won?t be able to go there co?z of the derricks along the roads. Ø Via Carlotta? here where Mr. John Billing lives, a retired DWP engineer (department of Water and Power?.. And here where Philip also found a child being threatened by Cayotes. And a dog who where protecting the child. Ø Hardware? here where Philip get a hose for the water supply to hospital from the neighbor of Mr. John Billings. Ø Crest Highway? here where Philip walks 1 to 2 days when headed to the hospital with Cara, Matt, and his mother. ¨ Characters Ø Philip? he is the main character of the story he use to secretly adore Cara. Philip is a very strong and had a good stamina and he is a runner. He always hated he?s brother because of everything he do Matt is Always good in the eye of their parent. But in the terrible situation Philip has a lot of gut?s and a very brave person he help many people and he?d never loose he?s fighting spirit, and hope. Ø Matt? he?s attractive person and he always have the attention of his parent?s and he always tease on Philip. Whenever he?s a parent need help he?s the one who always being called and always get the attention of teenager girls in school which made Philip Jealous. Ø Cara? she?s a very attractive and nice women she?s girlfriend of Matt. she always give thing?s that Matt needed like money. Ø Mr. Giamo? he?s an old person that had a dislocated bone when Philip found him with his wife. Mr. Giamo had a big help to Philip he made Philip?s feelings lighter for a moment, and he also made a stretcher for Philip?s mom. Ø John Billings? A retired DPW engineer he help Philip on giving a water supply to the hospital. Ø Dorothy? the wife of John Billing who took good care with the child that Philip found on his way to Mr. John Billing House. Ø Grear Jason? A person that Philip see while he?s scouting and looking for a bit cleaner pool that could be use to supply the hospital. He also helps Philip to get a long hose to the Hardware. Ø Dr. Cuba? he is a doctor having a conversation in the radio asking for help and medical supplies to the military. ¨ Summary Early in the morning Philip woke up and prepares to school and had a conversation with his brother and teasing him and his friend came to pick him up and headed to school. After a few days they a dance party in school that Philip attended, because he wanted to see Cara a very attractive Girl in school, then he saw his brother with beautiful ladies beside him and one those is Cara. He?s life has been like this, having conversation with his brother and asking about Cara, Matt keep on teasing on Philip and Philip always got jealous with his brother. Until the day Philip, Matt, and Cara is in the bunker they feel a big shock wave pass and an explosion then Matt went up to check what happened and he saw the sky is in red fire. And they went out to look for their mother. And they found her had 2nd degree burn, which the time Matt got sick and dehydrated, the three of them stayed at the bunker for a few hour?s and Philip decided to go to Mr. Giamo?s house to get help, and he found them on the basement, then he bring he?s mother, by carrying her with the wet Cloth with the help of his weak, sick brother and Cara, then there they stayed until the fire gone out of the sky and in the morning Mr. Giamo made a stretcher for Philip?s mom. And they headed to the hospital with Cara and Matt. After a two or three day long walk Cara can?t walk any further anymore and Matt is really weak and could do nothing. Then they saw a church. Philip left his brother and Cara in the church and he headed to the hospital, after a few hours? maybe hours of walking. Finally he saw the hospital, and put down his mother and run inside the hospital, and he saw many wounded people, and corpse bundle together and look for a doctor and turn out to ask a nurse and the nurse say?s the doctor?s a re dead we had 6 doctors only in these hospital and look back and after a few hours the nurse say?s to bring his mom in and look what she can do about his mother. After a day of helping in the hospital he heard the nurse said that they where running out of water and saying that there?s a retired engineer of DPW he could help on supplying the hospital of water then Philip think a few minutes and say?s if you will put my mom on the line up to be pick-up by the choppers to bring it to burn center he?d then everything agreed on the negotiation. After a few hours of searching to Mr. Billing?s home he saw a child being threatened by a hungry Coyote and he saw a small dog trying to protect the Child from being eaten. Then he took the kid and buzz off the wild animals. Then finally he?s at the home of Mr. John Billings and there he eats and rest until morning. And in the morning he went out and top scout the place and look for house which has a swimming pool and choose one, which the cleanest one and the closest on to the hospital while he?s scouting he saw men with a got and stop 10 feet away from him and pointed a gun at him then say?s hand?s up and ask a question ?What are you doing here?? the man ask ?I?m just checking if the water from the pool is drinkable because the hospital need a water? Philip said ?I don?t believe you? the man said. And Philip said the hospital would have their help not till tomorrow or the day after. Mean while they need water to drink. Even the water is they know how to purify the water and they?ve got a radio contact there..... Mr. Billing said we need a pump do you got one he say?s most of the pool owner have a pump. The man ask, ?Who?s Mr. Billing? then Philip say?s he is a retired engineer of DPW. Then the man believes him and they think how are they going to get the water from where they are to the hospital. Then they headed to the market to get a very long hose at the hardware. (By the way the man name Grear Jason? Then they found it underneath the steel pipes and while they are moving the steel pipes a man came holding a big wrench pipe and starting a trouble and 2 maybe 4 more came then Mr. Jason get everything under control and let the men carry the hoses headed to Mr. Billing. And they?re the started to put the hose together until they came to the hospital. After they put the hose to the tank Philip ask the nurse about his Mom. The nurse didn?t answer and he found out that his mother was still there and he cried then think for a few minutes. Then Philip heard a voice of Cara and Matt. And then Philip command them to get a cloths a green cloths like the doctors have, then he change wear it and put a blood stain on it and on it?s face and he went headed to thew roof top and line up there for the chopper. Then the guard said go to the detention room and the nurse will give you a number. Then after a few minutes a big chopper of the military came it called by its name as ?Water Buffalo? and he went to the line almost not able to get him mom in the chopper but doctor help. Then he decided to find his dad. At first Matt didn?t like it, but Philip is still the one being followed.

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