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Bigfoot Essay, Research Paper

Bigfoot Can you imagine yourself walking through the woods and coming face to face with a seven or even an eleven-foot animal? Well, this happens to many people in Canada and the United States. This creature is known as Bigfoot in the United States and in Canada, Sasquatch. Sasquatch is a native word, which means hairy man. ( Mysterious Creatures 99-126) Scientists think Bigfoot is early man, that survived while the others evolved, or it may be a new species of it s own. Scientists can t say which until they have hard rock evidence. Bigfoot is reported as being seven to eleven feet in height. The average sighting height is 6 feet. Bigfoot is estimated to be over five hundred pounds. Its footprint is found to be at least seventeen inches. We know this from casts of imprints in the ground. From measuring the depth, they came about the estimation of his weight. Bigfoot has long arms, an ape-like face with a flat nose and thick hairy fur. His fur ranges in color from the most widespread dark red-brown to brown, black, red, gray and even white. Bigfoot is a nocturnal animal, which means, it comes out at night. (Bigfoot) Bigfoot was first seen (by white men) in 1811 and since then there has been hundreds of reports on sightings and encounters from all over the United States and Canada. There are many videos and pictures of Bigfoot, many of which have turned out to be forgeries. Bigfoot lives in caves and hidden valleys of Canada and North America. (The Bigfoot Page) Many people from all over the United States have reported seeing Bigfoot. Here are three reports on the sightings from, Florida, Pennsylvania, and California: In central Florida in the summer of 1983, at 2am, a son and his father where out shining deer when they hit a pair of eyes that were seven to eight feet high and one foot apart. They hopped in there truck and started pulling away when the animal screamed. It was such a loud yell, that the father got so scared and stalled the truck trying to get out of there.

In Pennsylvania, July 4, 1980 these three kids about nine to eleven years old were at a fourth of July party at a relative s house deep in the forest. They went down to a creek, just before dark, where they went out to every year to play. When at the same moment, they all looked across the creek and saw a big hairy animal standing taller than the pine tree that stood next to it. The three of them were so scared, they ran back to the relative s house screaming their heads off. They told their parents and other adults, but no one believed them. In Hoopa, Indiana, parents wouldn t let their kids outside certain times of the month because the big people were out. The kids and parents spoke about them as a tribe or group that were primarily nocturnal. Some evidence we have about Bigfoot is that people have found animals hanging from places farther up than any mountain lions or bears can reach. People have also four-foot trees that have been snapped in half like toothpicks and also large up rooted trees. Expeditions that have set out to search for Bigfoot have never found it, nor is there scientific evidence for its existence. (The Bigfoot Page) I learned a lot while doing this report. I learned that Bigfoot has been around a very long time. I learned that it is anywhere from seven to eleven feet tall and is a very strong animal. I also learned that Bigfoot is a nocturnal animal, which means he comes out only at night, unless disturbed by humans. The most amazing thing that I learned that startled me the most is that Bigfoot is the North American version of the Abominable Snowman. I think I learned a lot about Bigfoot in this report. In my opinion from doing this report, I think that Bigfoot is the neatest and most fascinating animal that ever existed

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