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Becoming A Heroic Person Essay, Research Paper


Heroes have to consist of many things. They have to be brave, have good morals, and help out society in some way. These are only a few standards of becoming a hero. Someone can be a hero to someone else and not even know it. Not only can the big people be heroes, but the small ones as well. No matter what size or character one is he/she can become a hero. By portraying the characteristics of loyalty, bravery, and the willingness to help out someone or something in society. They must also have valued morals.

The perfect hero I would imagine is someone who can defend others, not only by fighting, but standing up for what is right. They should also be able to correct the wrongs in society or at least some of them. Bravery is probably one of the most important factors of a hero. How is one going to pursue someone or something if they are scared? No one wants to have a wimp for a hero. Having good morals is another characteristic of becoming a hero. People look at others who have high valued morals with respect and envy. I know I wish my morals were higher than what they are. That is why heroes come about, to set examples and become leaders to others in society. That brings me to my last point on being a perfect hero.

A hero must do well within society. What is a hero if he has done nothing good? A hero must be able to make wise decisions to better the people within society. They must stand up for what is right, express how others should act towards each other. The ideal hero does not have to be Superman with superhuman powers or anything like that, but one that is able to set examples, protect others, and have highly valued morals.

Many people can portray these features, but not just any old somebody can be your own hero. It depends on your personality as well as theirs. Why would one have a hero that does not share the same interests as one another? A hero can be found in the most unlikely places.

Now that one knows that heroes must be brave, maintain their morals, and be a benefit to the society. People can now go out and find their ideal hero for themselves. These are my ideas of a perfect hero, so others may have different standards of becoming a hero. Little kids may have heroes like cartoon characters, or someone like Superman or Batman. These to older people are silly heroes to us, but to them they would not have it any other way. I guess everyone has a hero whether they know it or not. I have never really thought about having a hero until now. I have realized that heroes can play major roles in ones life at times. Whether people think heroes are childish and silly or just something someone made up. They all actually have one. I that hope by all of this people now know heroes can come in all shapes and sizes and are able look for their perfect hero.

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