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Global Warming Essay, Research Paper

My position on global warming is that despite the media’s claim of a rising climate, in reality there is no cause for concern. Inane reports regarding global warming are yuppie-tree-hugger propaganda. The information defending their case is misleading and inaccurate. The truth of the matter is that our impact on the global temperature is inconsequential. Also, any effort to slow down the greenhouse effect is an unnecessary burden on our economy.

According to Dr. Roy Spencer, meteorologist and team leader of the NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center, “The temperatures we measure from space are actually on a very slight downward trend since 1979... the trend is about 0.05 C per decade cooling.” The reports of a rising climate are not accurate. The supporting measurements are taken from the surface. These readings do not cover enough of Earth’s surface to be considered accurate. Also, even if they covered 100 % of the ground temperature 70 % of the Earth is water so the readings would still not be acceptable. Orbiting satellites cover 99 % of the Earth’s surface. According to surface-based temperatures, 1997 was the warmest year on record. According to U.S. government satellites and weather balloons1997 as the seventh coolest year since satellite measurements began in 1978. Further more, satellite and balloon based information, which uses different technology, concur with each other’s readings according to NASA.

My opinion is that surface-based information can not be relied on until it covers more land. Also, I find it difficult to argue with two different sources that prove each other’s information to be accurate. I do not, however, feel that we should immediately depend on the reliability of either conjecture since the stakes are so high. I feel that further research and development should be pursued.

I think that electric cars should be exposed into the consumer market. Also, we as a nation should enforce environmental laws on third world country industries. Present day gasoline cars, specifically SUV’s, should be restricted to 4 cylinders. Mothermobiles and power-hungry men do not need fuel injected, turbo V-12 300 horsepower engines to go to the mall. This would increase efficiency and use less gas. Writing letters to your local congressman demanding further research in the global climate can also help discover the truth.

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