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Drugs Essay, Research Paper

In the American life style psychoactive drugs are both accepted and criticized. This is due to the mixed signals that Americans send to our youth. As a society we accept certain drugs for medical use and reject people who use psychoactive drugs to get a high or buzz. Is there a difference if a person drinks a beer or takes a hit of LSD. These two drugs both cause an individual to get high and fell good. The only difference is that alcoholic beverages are legal and LSD is illegal. Why is this two faced policy part of the American life style? Lets look at the written laws that shape the American life style.

Image what our society will be like in the millennium. Will our society be different then it is today. Can we properly judge how psychoactive drugs will affect the twenty-first century and beyond. People in our society think that alcoholic beverages are less harmful than other drugs that are illegal. If this was the case than why do we need such agencies or organizations that help to rehabilitate members of our society. Is there a difference between the Betty Ford clinic and a drug rehabilitation center? Our society has this misconception that only marijuana, LSD, cocaine and other such illegal drugs are bad or harmful to the human body. If an individual could see the affects of a lifetime of drinking; Do you think that they would change their harmful ways? The reality is that people need alcoholic beverages to function in their spare time.

Imagine a society were people judge two drugs with similar consequences differently. This society is unfortunately enough American society. Children need guidance from our society to help them grow. If we don’t give them the correct message than they are doomed to repeat the mistakes of our generation. We must convey a message to the younger generation that all drugs including alcoholic beverages are harmful to their body. When we successfully convey this message our society will finally take a step to help change the future.

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