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Jeffrey Dahmer Essay, Research Paper

Jeffrey Dahmer, was born in Bath, in Ohio, where he had an obsession with death that started early in his childhood. Jeff used to take dead animals and skin them, use chemicals on them to remove all the flesh, leaving the bones. He also cut off a dog’s head and put it on a stick, leaving it in the woods. By the time he was 16, he had already become an alcoholic. Fellow classmates described him as an unusual guy, who was always trying to get attention. At the age of 18, his parents divorced, neither wanting him to live with them. Jeffrey moved in with his grandmother, where he committed some of his murders. He then went to live by himself, in infamous apartment 213, where his death lab was discovered. Jeff killed homosexuals and male prostitutes, and lured them to his apartment by offering them money in exchange for sex or posing nude. Jeffrey Dahmer could have been caught sooner, had police acted when 14 year old Konerak Sinthasomphone was found wandering the streets naked and bleeding. Jeff told police he was his lover, and they were having a tiff. The police turned the boy over to Dahmer, and dismissed the incident, even laughed about it. He killed the boy later that night. Jeffrey Dahmer was finally caught when one of his intended victims, Tracy Edwards, escaped and alerted the police of his actions. What police found in his apartment shocked the nation. Police found photos of dead bodies, some dismembered. A head was found in the refrigerator, 5 skulls were found in a box, a kettle on the stove was full of hands and male genitalia. Police also found a drum full of chemicals, and 3 decomposing torsos. Other body parts were scattered around the apartment. His tools, including a chainsaw he used to dismember his victims, were also found. Another discovery that haunted the police was that there was no food in Dahmer’s apartment…he had been living off his victims. He confessed to these murders, and also confessed to having sex with the dead and dismembered bodies. Dahmer also said on one instance, he tried a make-shift lobotomy on one of his victims, so he would have a living zombie there who could not leave, and who he could have sex with. That attempt failed. Dahmer was found guilty of these murders, and sentenced to death. Dahmer was murdered by a fellow inmate while in prison, and was found with a mop handle stuck in his eye. A controversy surrounded the use of his brain for research. His father said his brain should be examined, to possibly find out the causes of these behaviors, and possible stop other serial killers from killing. Dahmer’s mother was against this, as was the judge, who ruled against this, preventing a possible look into what makes a serial killer kill.

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