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A Story To Relate To Essay, Research Paper

The Scarlet LetterThe Scarlet Letter, a story of the diffficulties faced by Hester Prynne in committing adultery, is pertinent to today’s teenage mothers in particular. The Scarlet Letter teaches one to face the responsibilities and consequences of his or her decisions. It shows the perspective of the commonly misunderstood people. The novel shows that the hardships and capability of teenage mothers. The Scarlet Letter is an inspiring novel which teaches to make the best of any situation and be strong. Hester Prynne commits adultery with Dimmesdale while her husband is in another country. Dimmesdale is a minister and fears slaughtering his reputation by making it known that he is the father of their child, Pearl. If Hester reveals the father, she may take the scarlet letter off, otherwise she must wear it for life. Honorably, Hester will not reveal his identity. As a result, she becomes the symbol of sin. “When strangers looked curiously at the scarlet letter-and none ever failed to do so-they branded it afresh into Hester’s soul; so that, oftentimes, she could scarecly refrain, yet always did refrain, from covering the symbol with her hand.” [sl05.html#g09] Teenage mothers receive many stares. It’s difficult to help from staring at a teenager mother with her baby. Some teenage mothers might feel embarassed at this, as Hester does. People can be very judgemental. The Scarlet Letter reveals how people may judge a teenage mother in a wrong way. “Lonely was Hester’s situation, and without a friend on earth who dared to show himself…” [sl05.html#g05] As a consequence for her sin, Hester becomes an outcast from society. Her reputation diminishes and she no longer has a social life. Many teenage mothers are forced to give up their childhood and don’t have much time for a social life. They have to care for someone else now. Most mothers sacrifice sports and time for homework in order to care for their child. Today’s society might say all people are equal and no one is an outcast. Unfortunately, many people are misjudged and not given a chance; like Hester, whom no one would be associated with. Even while applying for jobs or to colleges, teenage mothers are treated differently.; because they have a child, people believe they can’t take on serious responsibilities.

Hester feels as if her sin will affect the way Pearl is raised, “Day after day, she looked fearfully into the child’s expanding nature; ever dreaming to detect some dark and wild peculiarity, that should correspond with the guiltiness to which she owed her being.” [sl06.html#g01] This shows Hester’s fear of being incapable to raise a child after committing a sin. Many teenagers might feel insecure as mothers. They are learning that their actions will affect their child’s. Teenage mothers might feel as if they are depriving their kids, since they are young and inexperienced. ” ‘Woman, it is thy badge of shame!’ replied the stern magistrate. ‘ It is because of the stain which that letter indicates, that we would transfer thy child to other hands.” [sl08.html#g11] This shows the responsibity and good which can come from being a teenage mother. They can show their children the consequences of having a child at a young age. They can tell their children, firsthand, the problems which are faced. “Do you see that woman with the embroidered badge?…It is our Hester-the town’s own Hester-who is kind to the poor, so helpful to the sick, so comforting to the afflicted!” [sl13.html#g05] This qoute shows that no matter what, there can always be a brighter future. Teenage mothers may have to work harder to attain a good reputation and be successful; bu it is very possible. It shows that good things can come out of any situation. The Scarlet Letter shows the obstacles and consequences which teenagers must face. Hester’s situatuion is applicable to teenage mothers. Many teenagers feel the isolation from society and the false judgments made by people. These teenagers might be inspired by Hester’s story. “until, on the threshhold of the prison door, she rfepelled him, by an action marked with natural dignity and force of character, and stepped into the open air, as if by her own free will.” [sl02.html#g09] Hester’s acceptance of her punishment and her pride teaches teenage mothers a valuable lesson they might commonly forget. Whatever the consequences may be, they should face them boldly and independently. Also, no matter how society treats them, they should be brave and have pride in themselves.

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