Реферат: Hinduism Buddism And Confucianism Essay Research Paper

Hinduism, Buddism, And Confucianism Essay, Research Paper

Hinduism, Buddism, and Confucianism: A Comparison

Hinduism, as well as Buddism, both came into existence in India. Both religions are similar in many ways. The religions both believe in reincarnation and that the specific purpose of their teachings is to escape this cycle.

Buddhism is founded on the teachings of the Budda. He lived about 2500 years ago in India. There is no “Bible” of Buddism. The teachings of Budda were never written down until about 300 years after his death. Therefore, his teachings have been handed down by word of mouth. Budda was a noble man who gave up his riches to seek enlightenment. Buddism is based on his experience of Nirvana or enlightenment. His teachings are shown in the four noble truths and the eighfold path. Buddism has split into several sects by they have the same basic beliefs.

Hinduism is an ancient religion. It has no known founder. It has several holy books. The most important of these is the Vedas, a collection of hymns. Hinduism like buddism believes in reincarnation. The goal of this religion is also to escape the birth-death cycle. Through Hinduism the entire Indian social structure was formed by creating the caste system. The major difference between Buddism and Hinduism is that Hindus believe in a god. Brahman is the spirit that encompasses all living things. There are several lesser gods who are believed to be incarnates of Brahman.

Confucianism is a religious philosophy formed by the Chinese philosopher Kung-fu-Tsu. This philosophy came out of need during the warring states period of Chinese history. K’ung-fu-Tsu was a teacher at the hundred schools. His prime concern was the improvement of society. Confucianism has no gods, and the only written history of this religion is in the Analects, a collection of his responses to his disciple’s questions. K’ung-fu-Tsu believed that the improvement of society was the responsibility of the ruler and that the quality of government depended on the ruler’s moral character. This new way meant concern for others and adherance to the golden rule. Confucianism has had a greater and longer lasting influence on China than that of any other religious philosophy.

All religions have a specific purpose, which is usually the betterment of society or of oneself. Religions grow out of need for greater understanding of what we are and how we got here. Most religions judge a man by his morality. Through this the man is either rewarded or punished for his deeds. Religion is used in all cultures to try and convince men of what is right or wrong and carries penalties that are greater than earthly treasures.

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