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Earthly Experience Essay, Research Paper

Ohmigosh! You will never believe this. I, Nebula Stellar, got a date with an Earthling! I know this might seem stupid to you, but I?m not from your planet. I?m from the planet Koosha, just a couple of light years away from Earth. Kooshians look like little balls of fluff with arms and legs and faces.

So how did I meet this guy? Well I was out exploring in my Spacecruiser on a nice summer day, when I found I planet I?ve never saw before in my space explorations. ?Oh so this must be Earth!? I said to myself. My cousin is one of the many aliens living on Earth in a human form. And I decided to drop in on him since I haven?t seen him in awhile. So I did a little shape change and prepared to land.

Man, I must work on my landings. I didn?t have any idea where I was or who that strange but gorgeous looking guy was. I must have been knocked unconscious during the crash. ?Well look who?s up,? the guy said.

?Who are you? Where am I? Why does my head hurt??

? My name is Davian and this is my house in San Diego.?

?Wow, is that on Earth??

?Ummm, yeah,? he said looking at me like I just said something totally stupid. Hey I didn?t know! ?Where are you from??

?Koo -I mean- umm?San Diego.? I wonder if he still thinks I?m stupid.

?That?s nice?get some rest.?

When I woke up the strange guy wasn?t home, so invited myself to check out the house. In this one room, it had a big bowl with bad tasting water? I was thirsty, okay.

And when you pressed the little handle all the water went down the hole and new water came in. Cool huh?

After I finished exploring the inside, I went outside. ?My Spacecruiser! I yelled as I rushed over to the pile of bent metal and broken glass.

?Is that yours??

?Oh hi, Davian. Yes it?s mine. I crashed it when I was trying to land.?

?So what is it??

?It?s a Spacecruiser.?

?Wait a minute! So you?re telling me that you were traveling around in space and tried to land but crashed in my backyard??

?I can explain?I?m?I?borrowed it from a professor friend of mine to test it and I gotta go bye.? That was close. I almost told him I was an alien!

?Hold on. I don?t even know your name??

?Nebula,? I answered and started to walk again.

?Will I ever see you again??

I smiled and said, ?Sooner than you think, Davian. Bye.?

As I walked along the streets of Earth?San Diego to be exact, I thought about how I was going to ever get home. My Spacecruiser is in pieces. I can?t call my parents; they?d freak and send for me in a nanosecond. And I really like it here and I totally like Davian. He?s sweet, cute, funny?cute.

It was late when I reached my cousin?s house. I rang the doorbell and waited for someone to answer the door. The door opened, ?Nebula Stellar? Is that you?

?Yes, Orion. Don?t you recognize me??

?No. You were just a ball of fluff when I left?purple fluff. Well come in!?

I walked in. ?Orion, this place definitely needs a woman?s touch.? I changed back into my Kooshian form and flew around the house in record speed putting things back in its proper place. ?There that?s much better. Now Orion, I need your help. See what happen was I was cruising in my Spacecruiser and I crashed it in this guy?s backyard. He found me and I spent the day at his house. So now my Spacecruiser is totaled and I have no way of getting back home. But I don?t wanna go back home cause I like it here with you?and Davian.?

?Whoa, Neb! Slow down! Do your parents know you are out here with me?

?Well?no because I don?t want them to make me come back just yet. So what are we going to do??

?I don?t know. It?s late, we?ll figure it out tomorrow.?

The next morning, Orion and I discussed the dilemma over hot pancakes drowned in strawberry syrup. We decided to let my parents know that I was safely on Earth with Orion and that I would return as soon as my Spacecruiser was fixed. I totally didn?t like the idea, but it was the only one we could come up with that allowed me to spend more time on Earth.

That afternoon, we went to Davian?s house and explained the situation. We made sure to leave out the fact that we were aliens and I need the Spacecruiser to get back home. ?So, Davian, can you help us?? I asked

?Sure, how can I turn down such a beautiful lady,? he answered with a grin on his face. I turned red. ?I got an idea. Orion, you stay here and see what parts are still useable while Nebula and I go get some tools and something to eat.?

?Hey Davian, can I ask you a question??

?Sure Neb. What?s up?? We drove in silence as I thought of how to put my words.

?Remember when you said I was beautiful?? He nodded. ?Why??

He pulled into a parking space and turned off the engine. Then he turned to me and looked into my eyes. ?I said it because it is true.? Then he started to get closer to me. His lips moved towards mine. ?Umm?Davian??

?What?? he replied, still moving closer.

?What are you trying to do? I thought after you stop the car, you get out. Am I right??

?Yeah,? he said with a puzzled look on his face. ?Let?s go get what we need and go home.?

I didn?t know why Davian was mad at me. When I explained the situation to Orion, he said he was trying to kiss me (kiss?) and I didn?t let him. So I explained it to Davian and forgave me, then he asked me out on a date!!! Orion?s friend took me shopping for something to wear. She bought me this way cool outfit?a yellow summer dress, perfect for a cool summer eve out in the city.

It couldn?t be a more perfect night for dancing under the stars…and my home planet. We danced and talked and laughed the night away. He even got me a yellow rose. When I got home I floated up to my room and landed on my bed. I looked at my rose. I think I?m in love!

?Neb, there are some people here to see you?from our government.?

Our government is strict. Everyone has to check in and out when going off and coming on the planet. They?ll make me go back and put me on restriction. There?s no way I?m letting them catch me. I packed my few belonging in my pack and started to climb out the window. ?Stop her!? a government guy yelled. Another one grabbed me and wrestled me to the ground. I wasn?t giving up without a fight. But the full-grown men were too much for me as they gagged and tied me up. They carried me out to the shuttle in the backyard. Somehow, I had worked off the gag and told Orion to get Davian. The last thing I remembered was gas?

When I awoke, I was in the women?s holding quarters, still tied and gagged. My bail was set to 10,000 US dollars. No own had that type of money up here, so I was going to be here for a while. If only I had some way to contact Orion or Davian. But I will figure it out in the morning; I?m so tired.

?Psst?Nebula?wake up!? I heard I voice say. ?It?s me and Davian. We?ve come to get you. They had figured out how to sneak past our government?s high security and opened my cell. And my aunt thought him learning about government security systems was a stupid class to take.

?Davian, do you know that I?m a?? He cut me off.

?Girl, alien or not, you are still the most beautiful and the most fun girl if been with.? Then he kissed me.

?Come on you guys we gotta get out of here?someone?s coming.? Orion warned.

We managed to sneak out the back and get in the shuttle. That was so close.

?Neb, when we get back to earth, stay in Davian?s house. They already know where I live.? I nodded and smiled at Davian. ?I?ll let you know when it?s safe. Then you can stay with me.?

Even if I have to be on lock down for the rest of the summer, I get to spend it with the one I love?and Orion.


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