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Proletarians And Communists Essay, Research Paper

Proletarians and Communists

Since the beginning of time man has performed what was needed to be done for one singular reason. The reason of bettering himself. You could say that he went out and worked because he needed to feed his family but that is also bettering himself. If he let his family die he would be sad and that would not better him in anyway. Marx is telling how man’s greed for power and money has gone rampant. In many ways the bourgeoisie is like McDonald’s. It started out as one restaurant. When they started making money in there one town and had the means to expand they did. When that restaurant did well also they built more and more until now you can’t drive 5 minutes in any direction without finding one. Marx says that the bourgeoisie cannot exist without constantly revolutionizing the instruments of production. This is much like how McDonald’s adds 5 new items to there menu every week. They keep adding new items so there will be a reason for someone to try them. Marx says that the bourgeoisie has given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country. I translate this by the fact that you can go to any McDonald’s and get a Big Mac because they are all basically the same.

Proletarians are the average people that consume the products that the bourgeoisie’s create. When the bourgeoisie creates the products that the proletarians create they can control the proletarians not only by what they buy when they go shopping but what they hold as precious. By limiting the number of something made or using certain commodities to create it the value of an item can go up and the bourgeoisie’s will use it to assert power over the proletarians. There are many differences in the proletarians of those day’s and the working class of these day’s. Back then only the rich could go to school so there for only the already rich could make money. Now with the help of the government and scholarships anyone can get an education and possibly make decision that would make them the proprietor of a business like McDonalds. Proletarians worked for what the bourgeoisie chose to pay them and under the conditions they wanted. Today there are laws that protect the working class and give them more rights. In the movie the Matrix one of the characters compares the human race to a virus. I believe that the bourgeoisies are much like a virus. In the Matrix it’s said that a virus spreads to one area and exploits that area until it can spread to another area and exploit it. The bourgeoisie keeps expanding and expanding by making new more efficient ways of producing things and when they have enough money to move to a new area they do and with the new profit they come up with new products and more ways of producing things cheaper and faster.

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