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India: State Of Corruption Essay, Research Paper

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A Title: India: State of Corruption

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Before Britain arrived in India, the vast sub-continent was a collection of petty states

which frequently warred with each other. When India took independence over British

rule in 1947, they left behind them a backward, poverty-stricken, agricultural nat

archy. Therefore, India?s stability must be looked at before it plunges headfirst into the

free market. There are many things that affect the stability of a country, but none affect

it so much as it?s government, court system, and police.

One of the most curious things about India is that although it is a Third World country,

it has a functioning democracy. Most Third World countries (such as in Africa) are

under the rule military dictatorships, or communist dictatorships. Democracy sets e

bank manager replied: “Well you can?t buy one anyhow, can you?” There a many

such stories in India such as this one that fill the peasants ears with tales of

corruption. India?s Lok Sabha (the equivalent of the House of Commons) is not treated


India has a court system that should be at the level of caliber of systems in the First

World. Predictably, Indians don?t enjoy the benefits of a healthy court system. This is

what a constitutional lawyer, Dr. Singhvi has to say about the courts:

The courts are almost at breaking point because of the arrears and delays. This is not

something which arose suddenly, only yesterday. We have been talking about it for

the last thirty years; we have been talking of reform but doing too little and too

A leading opposition politician, V.P. Singh, who was once Chief Minister of Uttar

Pradesh,, India?s most populous state, says that “Those above the poverty line are not

above the gaol line. Those whose coffers are full will not go to prison.”

The police of India, who are expanding and being given more equipment, but

violence has seemed to have been expanding too. 1987 saw continuing Sikh

terrorism in Punjab, violent strikes by Nepalis demanding their own state in

Darrjeeling hills, massacres eld him down, forced his eyes open and pierced them

with a bicycle spoke. Then a man in a white shirt, referred to by the police as ?Doctor

Sahib?, injected acid into his eyes. He was taken back to a cell and locked up with six

other blinded prisoners. s. Police find themselves caught in a cycle of crime which

they do not know how to break without resorting to third-degree methods.? Obviously,

the police are losing control.

In summary, the nation of India has a lot of stability problems. These problems root

from the government corrouption, which leads to the instability of the state. There is

no reasonable way that India can withstand the outside shock of a free market wit

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