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At Owl Creek Bridge Essay, Research Paper

The same story all with the same plot, same characters, and in the end the exact same sorrowful outcome. Both the book and the film are about the same story called An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, but somehow it seems like you get a much better picture and realization of the story and what is going on if you read it on paper opposed to film. The story does unquestionably take numerous alterations and variations from the book when compared to the movie.Therefore it is rather understandable to declare that both the book and the movie have various distinct differences.

The reason for the story being easier to visualize and understand is quite simple. When a reader is reading this story they produce images and ideas in their head on how they think everything should appear. It seems like no matter how perfect your film is, you are still going to loss some vital effects that can only be done on paper and put into the readers head in only the way they can in vision it. For instance in the book the story goes deeply into revealing you how you can always tell if someone is a good marksman by there gray eyes, and how Farquahar was shot at by someone that matched this description. While reading something like this is when you start to draw a mental picture of what you in your own mind think this situation should be visualized as. Another great example is when in the book they say that Farquahar is about thirty-five years old and has long hair which is another strong inconsistency when compared to the movie. In the movie it appears like Farquahar is in his later forties maybe even fifty years old and he has not long, but short hair.

And yet another major example of variations between to the two stories comes more towards the end of the story.In the book they mention that it had seemed like Farquahar had run all night to reach his home.While watching the movie it never seemed to appear dark or night at any part during the movie.

One more great example of the great differences from the book to the movie takes place right when Farquahar is about to become hung. In the book it describes all of his emotions and feelings and what he is thinking at the time. In the movie all that happens is they show you a moment of Farquahar about to be hung with the sound of a heart pounding. You easily can tell from an example like this that the movie may not create quite as much emotion or feelings for the person watching it. This is one of the big advantages of the book when compared to the movie, it is much easier and more effective to express feelings and emotions to the reader by use of the book.

In conclusion you can easyily see that both the book and the movie have various distinct differences. This statement can be support by the many examples that occur throughout both the book and the movie.

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