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Yo Mamma Essay, Research Paper

UITAS: I Know, but still I think that I wouldn’t really like the bigger clubs like excite or maybe it is excell where people are all rolling and crap…I don’t like crowds, so.

yeah I think everyone had fun too, but I thought Jami and Kyle were a little quiet towards the end or middle

NIKNSTYN99: yeah i know, they got boring. i wanted everyone to constantly have fun and stuff but they were sometimes killing it, but not bad.

CHICQUITAS: No not at all…atleast they didn’t kill everyone though that is what counts

NIKNSTYN99: i am sore right now from all that

NIKNSTYN99: yeah

CHICQUITAS: I know! I thought I was just out of shape or something…and I was with Rich yesterday and we both agreed we kinda felt like crap yesterday like run down and achey and like light headed!

NIKNSTYN99: dang i was just sore not all that

NIKNSTYN99: hey guess what

CHICQUITAS: I don’t know what it was… what?

NIKNSTYN99: someone left me some kind of love song on my voice mail last nite and i dont know who it was.


Well, was it sung by a person or like soemone famous?

NIKNSTYN99: it was kind of an old song i think. i dont know, but i think i heard jami and kyle in the background for like a second…..but i called them and they said they didnt and i told jame ill ring her neck if i found out it was you.

CHICQUITAS: It probably was…That was my first guess that it would be them…it seems like they do things like that to you!

NIKNSTYN99: yeah those little *censored*s


NIKNSTYN99: they like to mess with my emotions

NIKNSTYN99: to me thats low

CHICQUITAS: I know, it is!

Hey~I have a question:

NIKNSTYN99: jami was like……maybe it was julie

CHICQUITAS: Do you ski or snowboard?

NIKNSTYN99: what

NIKNSTYN99: never have

CHICQUITAS: Really! Does kyle or Jamie?

NIKNSTYN99: i dont know

CHICQUITAS: She would do that just to make you think it was Julie though…

CHICQUITAS: Oh…cause i wanted to take you guyes skiing for the day up at wilmont

CHICQUITAS: over christmas break

NIKNSTYN99: ill go….just tell me how much

NIKNSTYN99: i dont need any lessons

CHICQUITAS: Did you know that wer’e getting a total of like 13 inches of snow in 2 days

NIKNSTYN99: ill just go with the flow


CHICQUITAS: I think it’s like 20

NIKNSTYN99: when

CHICQUITAS: Probably right after christmas day…like the 27th or the 29th


CHICQUITAS: Rich wants to learn how to..so I was gonna teach him

CHICQUITAS: I think it would be fun

CHICQUITAS: I’ll let you know…

NIKNSTYN99: i went cross country skiind b4

CHICQUITAS: Really! I hated that…I did it in Colorado…it sucked

NIKNSTYN99: for some reason i had to much fun

CHICQUITAS: Well that is good!

CHICQUITAS: We did it up the mountains though

CHICQUITAS: that is probably why I hated it

NIKNSTYN99: so youll see me on dead mans curve


NIKNSTYN99: ill do it all

NIKNSTYN99: cause im cool8-)

CHICQUITAS: Right, Right!

NIKNSTYN99: im all world

CHICQUITAS: You want to write a term paper on Mother Teresa for me?

NIKNSTYN99: sure why not

CHICQUITAS: Really! I guess it would be easy cause theres tons of info. but I don’t want to do it

CHICQUITAS: hold on brb

NIKNSTYN99: whah

NIKNSTYN99: just email me what you have and ill find some info and ill write my version and ill send it to you

NIKNSTYN99: wait ill find you a paper

NIKNSTYN99: how long does it have to be


CHICQUITAS: umm…I think about 3 pages long

NIKNSTYN99: well i found one its 580 words long. maybe you could use it as a reference.

CHICQUITAS: ok…How do I get it?

NIKNSTYN99: im gonna email it

CHICQUITAS: k thank you it will help…



NIKNSTYN99: i got one more it is huge!!!

CHICQUITAS: Yeah! Is it really easy to get caught for using some of the info on these reports?

NIKNSTYN99: dont use what the wrote…use like the bibliograghys and there format

CHICQUITAS: ok…and then just put most of it into my own words…


NIKNSTYN99: use the paper like a source….dont copy them

NIKNSTYN99: its pretty much a simplified source…all the info is broken up.


NIKNSTYN99: did you get them yet

NIKNSTYN99: it might take a while.

NIKNSTYN99: so you got my email?

CHICQUITAS: yes…I’m looking at them right now, they’re helpful

NIKNSTYN99: i just got yours


CHICQUITAS: Did you? Did you get the ones with the christmas cards and the funny sayings on them a while ago?

NIKNSTYN99: thatsgood to here that theyre helpful but shhhhh

NIKNSTYN99: no they didnt come through

CHICQUITAS: yeah definately shhhh

CHICQUITAS: what do you mean?

NIKNSTYN99: hehehe

NIKNSTYN99: i got your emails but the images dont come in

NIKNSTYN99: did you get my smiley face one

CHICQUITAS: yeah…same with yours all the time



NIKNSTYN99: i sent it to you i think

CHICQUITAS: k. hold on

NIKNSTYN99: i might take a while

CHICQUITAS: AWWWW…that one was fun!

NIKNSTYN99: you got it


NIKNSTYN99: ok i sent a nother one its the same i didnt think the first on went through


NIKNSTYN99: aint the song fun


NIKNSTYN99: its the chicken song…di di di di do do di da di di do


NIKNSTYN99: there is also a clubin version of the song

CHICQUITAS: Seriously! There is like a clubbin’ song to every song now a days~ aint’ it!

NIKNSTYN99: yeah…..some are cool though

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