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Kiss Of The Spidr Woman Essay, Research Paper

When one has read the book carefully, one will agree that Molina is more a tragic hero than a melodramatic heroine. He?s disastrous or tragic in the way that he?s a victim of society and that he hides himself from the ?real? world by telling movies and imagining that he?s the heroine in the movie. Molina would rather believe he?s this heroine than confront the ?real? world. He thinks that these movies are more interesting than reality. Because he hides from he ?real? world and because he doesn?t get accepted as a woman/heroine, Molina is considered a tragic hero.

One of the reasons why Molina is disastrous is because he simply hides himself from the world beyond his prison cell by imagining he?s one of the heroines in the stories he tells to his cell mate Valentin. A clear example of this is when Molina is telling the story in chapter 3. Molina imagines that he?s the cabaret dancer that finds this beautiful German Officer where she falls in love with and later goes out with. Molina would love to have a beautiful man to take care of him, but he knows that there is a very slim change that that will ever happen to him, so he just tells his movie to Valentin whilst escaping the ?real? world and escaping to his little imaginative world (1).

Probably the two biggest disasters that overcome Molina are the illness of his mother that he cares so much about and that he actually gets killed near the end of the book. Molina really loves and cares about his mother (2). He is actually really fond of her and he would do everything to leave prison and to take care of her. He knows that the only possibility to get out of jail is, is to spy on Valentin and try to get as much information out of him as possible about his political group. He knows that this is not right, but it?s the only way that he can get out of jail. So, he tries to be the heroine that gets out of jail and still doesn?t betray his best friend, but he gets nothing out of him. He?s lucky and they set him on parole. Before he was set free, Valentin gave him a phone number that he had to dial after he was set free and pass on a message to his gang members. First he resists, but later he agrees. Off course, when he gets out of jail, spies are around every minute. When he has finally found the people that he was looking for, they suspect that there are spies around they shoot Molina. This is an excellent example of a tragic hero, a hero that gets killed.

Why is Molina more a hero than a heroine, one might ask? This is because most people don?t accept Molina as a woman. Molina feels that he is more of a woman than a man. He dresses like a woman (as we?ve seen in the movie), cares like woman (3) and wants a man to take care of him (1). He thinks of himself as a ?woman in a man his body?.. Because of all this, Molina doesn?t really get accepted much and they call and treat him like ?a faggot?.. Although we get the impression that Molina sometimes doesn?t care if they call him this, one might think that it does hurt him inside that he doesn?t get accepted. And because he doesn?t get accepted as a woman in the ?real? world, he is a woman in his imagination. But by someone, he does get accepted as a heroine. This someone is his cell mate Valentin. In the beginning of the book, one might not see this very well. Valentin just always listens to Molina?s stories or movies, but we never get to see what he really thinks of him. Later in the novel, especially in the part where Valentin is ill, one does get to see that Valentin cares for him and that he?s glad that he is there for him (3). Valentin likes the way that Molina is always there for him when he wants to tell something, when he?s not feeling well, basically the way that Molina cares for him. But sadly, Valentin is one of the very few people that thinks this. Molina is a tragic hero because he wants to be a heroine but doesn?t get accepted to be this by anyone except Valentin.

When one has read the book, it is clear that Molina is more a tragic hero than a melodramatic heroine. He hides himself from the ?real? world, the world beyond the prison cell, by imagining that he?s some heroine from a movie that he saw. By continuously hiding himself, he?s not ready for the ?real? world and doesn?t survive. He?s disastrous in the way that he doesn?t accomplish anything that he sets forth to do. He wants to take care of his mother, he can?t because he?s in prison. He wants to get out of prison to get to his mother, but gets killed because he got involved in something nasty. He?s a man that wants to be a woman, but doesn?t get accepted in society. All of these things add to the evidence that Molina is clearly a tragic hero.

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