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Forest: Day In The Trees Essay, Research Paper

A Day In the Trees

11th Grade English AP

Ocotber 14th, 1999

It was a calm, overcast day, and I found myself resting at the side of a large oak tree, admiring the beauty of the woods that surrounded me.

The sunless sky covered the woods over the treetops which created a canopy over my head. The crimson and auburn foliage was a magnificent sight, as this was the season known as Fall. There was a gentle breeze, creating the single sound of rustling leaves. The leaves appeared as though they were dying to fall out of the tree and join their companions on the forest floor. Together with pine needles and other flora the leaves formed a thick springy carpet for me to walk upon.

In the distance, the trail along which I had been walking wound through a thick velvet fog. Lining the path were tall trees that stood hand in hand with one another, living their lives peacefully in the still of the forest. In addition, they seemed to bear mournfully their delicate leaves, as if they were reaching up. Yet were being held down, giving a silent rhapsody of joy and grieving. Along the way fallen timber accompanied thickets of weeds. A lazy mist hazed my vision, making the horizon seem like one from a story book. The area was imperturbable, as if it was keeping a secret hidden deep within itself.

Resting underneath the shade of the trees, I found myself appreciating the scent of pine needles; the ambiance of Christmas. Encompassed by the thick heavy air, I watched as a single sparrow fluttered high above the emerald forest. A few feet next to me an eager chipmunk hastily scampered from tree to tree, awaiting the chill of winter. The forest, I realized, was home to many wild creatures. In giving protection and food, the forest was gladly rewarded with the company of these animals. Beyond the horizon, I could see the community of newly formed saplings. They appeared as little children, learning under the guidance of their grown and fully matured parents.

The forest was pure and clean, as though it had never been disturbed by man and his vicious life killing machines. Peacefully sleeping under the dark gray sky, the community of mighty timber had not a care in the world.

As I left behind the somber forest, I now recognized an appreciation for nature that I did not realize I had. I now knew there was more to nature than just trees and animals, but also I found the meaning of life. I found how precious it is when it is not exploited or packed with Japanese people taking pictures of it. Some say never judge a book by its cover, well that sounds great, I would say never judge a tree by its bark.

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