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Fallen Angel Essay, Research Paper

Chapter 1The echoed screams of those who have been banished progress through the many corridors. Every one of them strikes fear into the minds of whoever listens.

This is the place of fear, the worst punishment there is. Fear, the one thing that nobody wants, but there isn?t one person who does not have a fear. Whatever this fear may be, it is multiplied one hundred fold and met every minute when you are here.

Here is hell, where Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, walks about his chaotic masterpiece. Hell is plain and simply organized chaos.

He unmercifully gives orders for his demons to do unspeakable acts to anyone that has been banished. And everyone here would give anything just to die.

Lucifer walks beside his son Damien, they do not speak because they have nothing to talk about. Thousands of years together doesn?t leave much left to tell about yourself. There?s never anything new to talk about, every day is simply routine; make people wish they were dead.

Lucifer?s father, Michael sits upon his throne, watching Lucifer?s every move. He is waiting for him to make one mistake so he can give Damien the supreme rule. With Damien in charge he can play games with the boy?s mind and have Hell ruled the way he sees fit. Everyone in the family wants revenge on someone. Lucifer has tried many times to overtake God and his empire, each time failing miserably. For uncountable centuries, he has tried to find a loophole. What he doesn?t know is that his father is carrying out that plan already.

?Lucifer,? Michael?s voice shakes the walls. ?Come here.? The King of Darkness steps up from his throne and Lucifer arrives before it. ?Why have you not administered punishment to the newcomers? You have been losing it for the last few months. Damien?s promotion may be sooner than you like if you do not get your work done.?

Michael sits back down with a hateful sneer.

Lucifer turns around and begins to walk away.

?I asked you a question!? Thunders Michael. ?I have had enough of your insolence!? Lucifer?s back is still turned. ?Face me or be damned for all time!?

?Still a pathetic old man,? Lucifer turns and stares Michael right in the eye. ?You do not scare me. You are and always will be a pathetic old man.?

Michael sizzles with anger and gets up from his seat. He holds a clenched fist towards Lucifer and then opens his palm. An enormous fireball slams into his son and throws him into a stone wall. Lucifer?s body slumps to the floor in his charred robes and remains in that position. ?You should know that age is nothing but experience.?

Damien stares in astonishment at his father and after it registers he runs over to him.

?Stay away from him and do not show any mercy if you ever want to rule.? Says Michael through clenched teeth. ?He is nothing but trash now, he shall be killed and burned, that will be the end of it. All of the powers I taught him have already been removed.? Once again Michael finds comfort in his throne. ?Go order some demons to do it now. The sooner the better. You are now the ruler.?

Damien hurries off and the King of Darkness is left with the first grin in years.

The demons arrive and bring Lucifer to the Death Chamber. Lucifer watches through squinted eyes, waiting for the right moment. Lucifer leaps up from his hunched position and grabs a loose rock. He thrusts it into one of the demon?s faces, making a cracking sound as the demons jaw shifts a finger?s length to the side. Its body goes limp and falls to the floor.

The remaining demon lifts his sword from its holster and swings it at Lucifer. It strikes his shoulder and reveals bone. Lucifer dives through the demon?s legs and takes them out from under him. The demon falls and his head slams against the stone ground, he lays motionless as a pool of blood grows around his head.

Damien walks in and Lucifer recites the possession spell. Before Damien can react, Lucifer does it for him.

He creates a portal and leaps into the world above.

Chapter 2Brad Necro, a fourteen-year-old boy that lives with his older brother Jeff, challenges the crowded streets of Teffawno. He makes his way home through the swarms of people and hears a voice behind him,

?Hey Necro,? It?s the voice of Randy Newgen, the school bully.

?What the heck do you what now, Randy?? whips back Jordan.

?I want whatever money you got,?

?No.? Beads of sweat cut lines through Brad?s dusty face.

?Too bad,? Randy signals with his hand and two of his friends appear behind Brad and grab each of his arms. They then pull him into an alley.

?Get your greasy hands off my coat,? Brad jerks his arms from them but is met head-on by Randy. Randy swings his arm into Brad?s stomach. Brad cringes and drops to the ground.

?Get up wuss,? orders Randy.? I ain?t done with you until I get my money.?

?Get away from me.? Brad pushes himself against the building?s wall and gets up.

Randy swings again but his arm is grabbed.

?I suggest you leave him alone,? The man lets go and takes a step back.

Randy speaks up. ?This is none of your business.?

The man grins.

?More than you know boy, more than you know.?

Randy reaches into his pocket and pulls out a switchblade.

?Just what exactly do you plan to do with that??

Randy lunges at the man and misses. The man grabs his arm and bends his elbow back until a loud pop is heard. Randy screams and falls to the ground, his friends are already halfway down the block.

?Thanks, I think.? Brad winces and picks up his backpack. ?Why did you do that??

?Let?s go somewhere else to talk before we draw too much attention.? suggests the man.

?Sure, but not for long. I have to get back to the apartment.?

?You?re very trusting.?

?Quite the opposite, actually,? The light turns red and they cross the street.

?I just figure that my life can?t go much more downhill from here. Plus the streets are too crowded for you to do anything so might as well have a conversation with a complete stranger on my way home. My name?s Brad.?

?My name is Damien, how do you do??

A smile appears on Brad?s face.

?Fine, so why?d you haftuh break that guy?s arm??

?That was my son.?

?What?? I, I don?t? What??

?Just kidding, loosen up.?

?But?? Brad is cut off.

?Forget it.?

?Whatever. Want a drink? There?s a vendor up ahead.? Asks Brad.

?Sure, just wait here. I?ll get them.?

Damien walks back with a coke in each hand and hands one to Brad; Brad takes a sip.

?This tastes? kinda weird, wha?? Jordan falls limp to the pavement.

Chapter 3Brad wakes up in his bed only to see his brother walking back and forth beside it.

?Hey,? Jeff turns and faces Jordan wearing a big smile. ?What happened?? questions Brad.

?I want to ask you the same thing. I found you lying against the entrance door downstairs, fast asleep. Or unconscious, I dunno. Hurry your butt up and get ready for school. You?re already late.?

?You mean I was out the whole day?? Jordan grabs an old shirt on the ground and puts it on.

?I guess so,? Jeff stares at nothing for a minute and then speaks again. ?Just hurry up and go. Be careful.?

?Yes mother.? Says Brad.

?Shut up. You know I don?t need you to bring that up again, It?s bad enough as it is.?

?I forgive you, you know tha??

?But I can?t ever forgive myself! Just get out!? Jeff throws his head into his hands. Brad shuts the door behind him.

?Hey Brad! Wait up, man.? David scurries up beside Jordan. ?Yo, I heard what happened to Randy. All his friends are lookin? for ya. Not him though, he?ll be out of school for a few weeks. The doctors say that they can?t do anything to help him and they have do amputate because some of the nerves got ripped and his elbow can?t be rebuilt or healed or anything. I?d watch yer back, he?s pissed.?

?You talk too much.?

?It speaks!?

?Shut up and walk.?

When they reach the school, Randy?s friends are already waiting.

?What the heck are ya gonna do?? whispers David.

?I?m going to walk right through them and put my bag in my locker.?

?You can?t! They?ll maul you!?

?We?ll see.?

?Hey!? yells one of the guys in the group. ?We?re gonna kick your butt for what you did, you?ll wish you were dead.?

The group begins to circle Brad; they push David out of the way.

The group starts a familiar chant, ?Fight! Fight! Fight!?

The first guy who talked swings at Brad once and misses. Brad?s eyes glow as he grabs the guys fist and crushes it as he drops to his knees. The crowd goes silent. He slams his knee into the guy?s face and kicks him over on to the ground. Not one person speaks until another two people jump at Brad. One of them is wearing a cap. Brad yells and thrusts his fist into the face of the guy wearing a cap. The other one grabs his arm and tries to swing him; Brad does not budge. He then kicks him in his gut; and while he bends over to clutch his stomach, Brad slugs him on the back with his arm. He falls while the one with the cap gets up and charges Brad. Jordan jumps straight up in the air and grabs on to the top of the wall. The guy runs into the wall and stumbles; Brad drops and kicks the guy in the back of the head before he lands on the ground. Brad roars and the guy runs like his life depended on it. Which it did.

?Brad, what the heck is wrong with you?? asks David.

Brad turns, grabs David?s neck and drags him straight up the brick wall.

?Wutter you doing?!?? wheezes David. Brad remains motionless. His pupils seem to dilate and fill over in black.

?Wha?? David has no words left; he blacks out and Brad lets go.

He picks up his bag and begins walking towards the school. The crowd says nothing and makes way for him.

?Now Brad, what you have done is unspeakable. I never thought you could do such a thing! Two of those boys are in the hospital! I have had to notify the police and of course your brother, he?s on his way to pick you up. You?ll be suspended for quite a while, not to mention what the police have to say. Now get out my office, you have been a disgrace to this school.? Lectures Mr. Morran, the principal.

When Brad leaves, Mr. Morran is the only one suspended; by his own belt with a suicide note on his desk. Brad steps outside when he sees his brother?s car pull up. He hops in and nothing is said until they get home.

When in the apartment, Jeff speaks first,

?What the heck is going on? You and I both know we don?t need any more piled on right now. We got enough crap tuh deal with as it is.? Jeff shakes his head and runs his fingers through his hair.

?Geez,? Mumbles Jeff under his breath. ?What, are we gonna do??

?Nothing. I have to go, don?t try and stop me.?

?Yeah right, get back here. Now.?

?Did you not here what I just said?? Brad opens the door and Jeff jumps up to grab his arm.

?Get back in here, we have to talk.?

?So we can get into another argument? Here, let just some up what it will turn into anyway: you killed our parents. There, I said it. It was your fault and you know it. Mom and Dad were drinking at a party so you offered them a ride, what they didn?t know is that you were even more drunk then both of them together. I?m surprised you got to them without crashing. It was an accident that was waiting to happen and it did.?

Jeff?s face is red with fury,

?Get the heck out!? screams Jeff. He punches Brad right in the face and shuts the door on him. Jeff slams against the door and is slowly pulled to the ground by his tears.

Chapter 4Lucifer wanders the streets with Brad?s body searching for a new host; he spots a man and begins to recite the spell. In mid-sentence, Lucifer loses control of Brad. Brad falls into a contorted mass and begins to scream. It is Michael, come to stop Lucifer in his tracks.

As the two demons fight inside Brad?s mind, he convulses vigorously. His mind can hardly withstand two commands at once, let alone three.

A man spots Brad on the street and hurries over, but he changes direction when Brad?s glowing eyes meet his.

Once Michael pushes Lucifer aside and takes over, he begins back home to get rid of his first problem.

Damien begins to get restless in Hell; he signals a demon to take over and then begins to Lucifer?s lair. Inside he finds countless spells and scriptures, including possession. He begins to read and does not plan to stop until he his more powerful than his grandfather. Damien chuckles to himself as he realizes what he can to with this information.

Brad opens the door of his apartment only to see it ransacked. His brother lies in the corner with a gun in his hand and a bullet in his temple.

Brad being too controlled, does nothing but take the gun.

Michael knows what happened here, because the one flaw in possession is that both minds are left open to each other. What Brad knows is more than anyone else will.

Brad now knows that Michael is a Fallen Angel. An angel banished from heaven by God Himself. Michael used to be the Leader of all the angels back when Hell was run only by demons. Michael made a pact with one of the demons to let him live when the angels attacked. Then Michael overran Hell and became Supreme Ruler without anybody knowing. He did this by getting the demon to become second ruler, hence the name ?Prince of Darkness?.. Then God found out and banished Michael down there for eternity.

Now, because Michael is an angel bent on revenge towards God, he possessed Brad first to kill Lucifer, then planned to use Brad?s body to get to another host. He would then use this body as a sacrifice. He would somehow die and then be let back into heaven as who ever he possessed. And since he was actually a banished angel he would be directly defying God?s rules and automatically become more powerful than him. This is a small loophole that would completely wipe out God?s Empire. Once completed, Michael would return to original form to do whatever he pleases.

After hours of studying, Damien is ready to face his ascendants. He begins to recite various spells and his strength begins to grow as well as his mind. The possession spell is the last one as he teleports himself into Brad?s head.

Brad drops to the ground as Lucifer is killed by Michael just as Damien enters Brad?s head. Damien and Michael resume human form beside Brad?s body.

?What do you think you?re doing?? rumbles Michael. ?My plan is almost complete. And how did you get here? I have not taught you anything about teleportation or possession.?

?You shall not use me anymore as a puppet, I have come here to destroy you and I will.? A massive wall of energy encompass? Damien and Michael steps back. He takes one more step before launching a fireball at Damien. The wall engulfs it and becomes even stronger.

Damien grins as energy surround both his hands and begin to glow along with his eyes. Damien releases them and then shoots them down Michael?s throat. An immense rumbling is heard just before Lucifer explodes in all angles. A piece of his cloak lands on Brad as Damien vanishes with a triumphant laugh.

Brad wakes up and grabs the piece of cloth.

Before Brad can start home, a police car pulls up beside him and policemen hop out with guns drawn.

Brad puts the cloth in his pocket and feels the handle of his brother?s pistol.

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