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My Life: A Perilous Journey Essay, Research Paper

My Life: A Perilous Journey

A perilous journey; the perfect phrase to describe my entire eighteen year

life. As far back as I can recall, I have been running into numerous trials and

tribulations that had to be resolved before I was able to progress further. Some of

these issues are still being dealt with at present. Dealing with these issues is

something of an ongoing process I suppose.

One such issue is my difficult relationship with my parents. Although I love

and care for them deeply, I have had my share of difficulties with them, as I am

sure all teens have had with their parents. The primary problem I have with my

parents, is their lack of understanding of myself. I don’t think they know what it is

like to be me and therefore do not understand the reasoning behind the

decisions I make. It is an ongoing conflict in my household as I am constantly

struggling to justify the things I do to my parents. Still, I am confident that with

time, I will be able to perfect my relationship with my parents, I am anxiously

awaiting that stage of my life.

Another major part of my perilous journey in life was moving to Canada. I

moved to Toronto in 1996, and as a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I found

myself in quite a bewildered state. I expected to have quite a few problems in my

transition to this foreign land. Adjusting to my new school environment was quite

a task at first, but I was soon able to adjust myself with the help of some

friends I had made. Living in Canada itself was quite different from the

Philadelphia environment I had become used to. I found the native Canadians

here to be more friendly and at first it was quite strange to see them acting in this

manner. Nevertheless, I adjusted myself to life in Canada and I am happy to say

that I am quite pleased with life here.

At present, I am facing the perilous journey of High School at Meadowvale

Secondary School. A lifestyle filled with assignments, homework, ISU’s etc. It is

quite a stressful lifestyle, having to keep up with the tremendous workload that

the Meadowvale teachers generously hand out. The pressures a high school

student has to deal with are quite immense when you consider just how

superficial they are. It is quite a difficult place to be when you actually think about

it. Imagine a world in which ones physical appearance and attire are the sole

determining factors of their social status.

Thus far I have learnt quite a bit from this perilous journey that is my life,

the most important of which is that there is much more in store for me in the

future. I am told that this is nothing but a trivial stage of my life and that I

should prepare myself to face far greater challenges as I mature.

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