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Samuel Adams Essay, Research Paper


Revolutionary America was an extraordinary time. The Revolution changed many unsuspecting men into heroes; our founding fathers. One of these men was Samuel Adams, a man with unsurpassed dedication and the political intellect to make a difference in America s revolution. Many of the founding fathers were extraordinary because they were famous politicians or great war heroes. Adams superior intellect, diligent efforts, and dedication to the cause made his contributions to independence remarkable.

At a young age, Adams father, a wealthy brewer, was accused by the British government of making illegal investments. These charges financially ruined Samuel Adams father. This began Adams deep resentment of the British. When Adams was a British tax collector, he was charged with embezzling over 7,000 pounds. This again added to Adams animosity for the British rule over the colonies. His grudge against the British was certainly enough to make him seek revenge, but was it enough for him to lead a revolution?

Samuel Adams was a failure in all his professions before he became a political activist. But, when he started writing anti-British propaganda, he found his calling in politics. After he started writing propaganda, Adams found other ways to support the revolution. Organizing protests and leading political rallies were the things in which Adams excelled. His leadership skills were put to use in his organization and leadership of the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty was an organization of colonists that protested against oppressive British rule. Adams was just the kind of inspirational leader this group of activists needed. Adams helped reform this group of rowdy activists into a strong political force. Under the direction of Samuel Adams, the Sons Of Liberty effectively fought oppressive taxation through rallies, protest, and intimidation of British officials.

Adams is best known for his part in the Boston tea party in 1773. Adams was not only a primary organizer of this radical act, but he followed it up with the concept of a colony-wide boycott of British tea. Three years earlier, in 1770, Adams showed a bit of political expertise by negotiating the removal of British troops from the city of Boston after the Boston Massacre.

Samuel Adams, in my opinion, was the most influential leader in the American revolution. Not only did he have the political savvy to lead a revolution, but he had the personal motives to reinforce his political purpose. It may have been a grudge that initially drove him, but it was his commitment and dedication to the fight for independence that made Samuel Adams such a great patriot.

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