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Distribution Of Condoms Is Unnecessary Essay, Research Paper

Jonna Griggs CP English per.6 December 10, 1998 Distribution of Condoms is Unnecessary A few of my high school friends, are thinking about having sex with their boyfriends, but are too embarrassed to go to the store and purchase a condom. They think it would be much easier, if the schools just made condoms available on campus. Should schools offer free condoms to high school students? No, they shouldn t. If schools offered free condoms to high school students, it would legitimize and promote sexual behavior among teenagers. It would also increase the number of teenage girls getting pregnant, as well as the number of teens engaging in sex. Each year, more than 200,000 babies are born to girls under the age of 18. (Postscript; Taking sides, pg.325) Advocators for the distribution of condoms in schools, might say that if 200,000 babies are being born to teens every year, then teens are obviously already having sex, regardless of the availability of condoms. Carrying them in schools will only decrease the rate of teenage pregnancy. It will give teens the opportunity to have safe sex, rather than sex with no condoms. If people are going to have sex anyways, at least distribution of condoms would make it safe. (Jason Arnold) Although it is true that teenagers are already engaging in sexual activities, they can still have safe sex without distributing condoms in schools. They can get the condoms for themselves, and the schools wouldn t be giving the impression that sex is o.k. as long as you use a condom. 2.5 million teens are infected with sexually transmitted diseases every year. (Margaret Pruitt Clark,pg.317) Although condoms do prevent transmission of these diseases, they are not 100% effective. The HIV virus is 1/450 the size of sperm and is less than 1/10 the size of open channels that routinely pass entirely through latex products. (Edwin J. Delattre, pg.321) Some may argue, Condoms may not be 100% effective, but a condom is more effective than no condom at all. It is better for teens to have a condom and not need it, than to need a condom and not have it. (Jason Arnold) Those that argue that teens need condoms, are under a false definition of nee. Webster s Dictionary, defines need as: A requirement, or condition marked by necessity. If someone doesn t have a condom, then they should not have sex. No one needs sex. It is not a necessity to make your body function properly. If you don t have a condom, and are too embarrassed to

get one, then don t have sex! It s as simple as that. If you want to have sex, be prepared, and be willing to get a condom no matter how embarrassing. Teens don t need schools to hand out condoms. They are available, for all ages, at local drug stores. Teenagers can go get condoms for themselves, and don t need the schools assistance in promoting sex. Teenage statistics show that over 25% of sexually active teens never use contraceptives, and only 1/3 of them use contraceptives consistently. (Postscript; Taking Sides,pg.325) Advocators use these statistics, to try and prove that the reason teens often don t use contraceptives is because of cost, lack of transportation, or embarrassment. By handing out condoms in schools, there would be no cost, and they would not have to drive somewhere to pick up a condom. They could receive them right on campus. There would be no need for embarrassment, because the campus is encouraging the use of condoms. Students will no longer have to walk into a public drug store and feel too intimidated to buy a pack of condoms. (Internet; Staff editorial, Michigan Daily) In response to that, if teenagers are responsible enough to be having sex, then they should be responsible enough to purchase their own contraceptives. If they feel that what they are doing is right, then why should they feel embarrassed or ashamed. Those who are embarrassed, are obviously not mature enough to be having sex in the first place, and for someone to say they can t afford condoms, is like saying they don t have enough money to possibly save their own lives. No amount of money is equal to one s life. My friends realized that if they were too embarrassed to buy condoms, then they were obviously not ready to have sex with their boyfriends. They realized that sex is something to be open about, and that it can be very dangerous if you don t take the proper precautions. I never knew there were so many dangers, diseases, or unfortunate incidents involved with sex. That is why I felt it was o.k. to offer condoms in schools. Now I see that condom distribution will only increase the number of teens having sex, thinking they are free from all harm if they use a condom. [a friend,(name unmentioned for personal reasons.)] People need to be more informed as well as responsible, when it comes to sex. If people were more informed, or more responsible, they would realize that condom distribution is unnecessary.


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