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Euthanasia Essay, Research Paper

Jason Adams Adams1 October 15, 1998 Mrs. Faulk English Per.4Euthanasia Euthanasia should be legal, because if it is their life, therefore, they have the right to be able to end their suffering. Euthanasia was formerly called Mercy killing. Euthanasia means intentionally making someone decease rather then allowing that person to die naturally. Euthanasia means killing in the name of compassion (). The law should be passed because they are going to die anyway, but instead the are going to have to live that miserable life in pain and suffering. It should be the person s choice because they are the ones going through the pain; if some of these situations don t apply it should be the family s choice (if of course given permission by the person. There is a difference between suicide and Euthanasia, suicide is when the person kills themselves and can go to jail if not successful (rather a mental institution). Euthanasia is when a trained doctor puts the person to rest. One of the very important things about euthanasia is that it keeps people from suffering like family members, and also the person. Adams 2Euthanasia can help an elderly woman in pain or any person in pain by putting them to rest for eternity. The method of Euthanasia is more pro for elderly because they understand the pains and suffering.The family of the dyeing or suffering person has to pay the bill to keep them on life support, in which Euthanasia would also help, by reducing costs. This would also lower vacancy in hospitals, as well as cost many taxpayers less! This among many other things indicates why Euthanasia needs to be legalized. A very big factor is the family suffering along with the person, emotionally these leads to tons of stress and breakdowns. Euthanasia is the only way to deal with excruciating pain! If the doctor implies that the cure to whatever the patient has is unlikely, there are only two alternatives, euthanasia or unbearable pain (). Is euthanasia suicide? Isn t it illegal and in what places? Euthanasia has long been legal in Scotland since 1961 and in the rest of Britain. Someone s own suicide is always illegal no matter how laudable the motives. It is this situation which makes it impossible for doctors to practice active Euthanasia (). So in a few places where Euthanasia is not illegal, the doctors do not have to practice to do Euthanasia.

Adams3Euthanasia helps Mrs. Boyes loose her pain and suffering by putting her to rest. 70 year old, Mrs. Boyes had a persistent request for voluntary active euthanasia. Mrs. Boyes was so ill that she screamed like a dog if anybody touched her. Conventional medicine did not relieve her agony of potassium chloride. Her last dux when she repeatedly requested to die. Dr. Cox finally gave her and injection of potassium chloride, bestowing on her the boon of a peaceful death, which so many of us feel we are entitled to. This is the number one reason that Euthanasia should be legal, because so many people in pain and suffering can die with dignity and peace. Euthanasia should be for anybody that chooses to and not just for the ill people. This is important because it will stop some family suffering and the ill person is put to eternal rest. So there is no law suite the person should get alliances or a card saying that the family can t sue the hospital or anybody because it was their choice to have it be executed. Euthanasia should be legal because what if the family can t pay for the medical bill and they loose every thing. Hospital has many people that are still on life support to this day, because of an illness. This is where euthanasia is recommended for people that don t have a greater chance to live. Adams 4 Thus the fatal deed will finally happen but why not let the person die with any dignity that he already has.

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