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Color Your World employee of the month Donna Lukas made the impression on her bosses and co-workers as the ?paint lady.? Donna will add yet another piece of her work this month to the Toronto Gallery of Art. She has earned the reputation of being the lady to go to when in doubt of colors.

Fellow co-worker Jaclyn Smith remembers an incident last week when she was having problems with picking the colors for her new living room.? I had this one color picked out but when she saw it she frowned and suggested a color I had never even thought about. I went with her advice and the color looks great!?

Her great sense of color isn?t the only trait that won her employee of the month. Donna has also shown great work ethic. She hasn?t missed a day of work or even done so little as call in late for in the ten years of working at Color Your World.? I love my job,? she prides,?Why would I want to miss a day of being around what I love-paint.?

What makes Donna such a candidate for employee of the month is her love for the paint, which shines brightly through her personality. ?She always gives all she has, to the world of paint,?says manager Naomi Blue who nominated Donna for the award.? She always listens to the customers and try?s to help them out as much as she can. I have never heard her complain about a customer or her job, which shows how much she loves her job. I have even seen her work a double shift cause a co-worker couldn?t find a babysitter for her child.?

Donna is very well respected among her co-workers. ?Anytime I have a problem with picking out a color I always ask Donna cause she is never wrong,? says a fellow worker Amy Find. ?She has such talent in the world of art and is apparent through her paintings.?

Donna grew up in Mississauga, Ontario and attended Lorne Park High School. She always showed great promise in the field of art.? Art was always my best subject,?Donna says. ?I was horrible at the math?s and sciences but I always loved going to Art class. I knew when I graduated that I had to go into the field of art because it was the only subject I had a real passion for.? When Donna got offered the job at Color Your World she was thrilled. ?It was the perfect job to have while I am painting professionally. I get to be around paint when I am at home and when I am at work.?

Donna began showing her work to galleries five years ago. Within the first week most of her paintings were being bought. Her most recent paintings are being shown for the next three weeks at the Toronto Gallery.

?How much happier can I be. I am painting for a living and helping other people pick out their colors to make their painting job the best it can be. When I am working at Color Your World I feel like a little kid in a candy store.?

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