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Theme in the A Raisin in the Sun

There are many themes in A Raisin in the Sun. The this play was

written by, an African American, Lorraine Hansberry. The three themes

that stood out when I read the play were; family values, money isn?t

everything, life in poverty.

The first and, I feel, most important was the theme of family values. It

was mentioned a lot how family values are passed on through generations.

For example Mama was always saying what her husband was like and what

he would do. Family values were shown to be very strong in when it comes

down to it. For example when Walter had that guy come over so that he

could take the money but Walter ended up telling him to leave. Mama was

usually the one who reminded her family of the values they needed to

express and follow. For example how she always told Walter how to treat

his wife or how he told Beneatha ad Walter to stop arguing so much.

The next most important, I think, is that money isn?t everything.

Family is more important than money. Walter was going to take the money

from the man for the house but decides that the happiness of his family is

more important than the money. Because money won?t last. For example

Walter had all that money invested in the liquor thing and then it all got

taken away but his family and the love from his family was still there. Also

money won?t be there when you need a shoulder to cry on or when you need

someone to talk to. For example when Walter loses all that money Mama

comforts him and makes him think it?s OK that the money?s gone.

Another one of the major themes is living life in poverty. Living life

in poverty sometimes makes you frustrated and will make you act rude and

obnoxious with other people, including your family. For example when

Walter started talking about not having any money he argued and yelled at

this wife, Ruth. Poverty can make you stress some of the more important

things in life. For example Mama may to have much money before the

inheritance but she still stresses family values. Poverty ca make you jealous

of what other people have. For example Walter is always saying that he

wishes hr had money and a store and the nice things that, rich, white people


The three themes that stood out when I read the play were; family

values, money isn?t everything, life in poverty. All these issues are relevant

in today?s society. This story is based on living in society and how life is,

therefore, the points and themes it brings out are very closely related to the

society of today.

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