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Ghandi Essay, Research Paper

Reflection of Gandhi

Gandhi?s character was very temperamental. He was very kind and helped his country gain independence from Great Britain. Gandhi seemed to believe in using peaceful ways to fight battles, which meant he must not have been a violent person. This is also supported by the fact that he did not harm another human being once in his life (as shown in the film). He was also a very good husband and made himself be respected among his wives. He was a very determined man also because he would not give up on his cause no matter what.

One event that caught my attention was when Gandhi was assassinated. The man who did this seemed to be just somebody normal who would have normally attended these gatherings and could have been a follower. The reason that it caught my eye was because I was surprised to see that none of his followers tried to take the bullet for him or anything like that.

This film had a very positive effect on me. I thought that this movie was very educational and reflected a very sad yet joyous side of Indian history. Although many of the Hindus and Moslems did not get along it was very interesting how they were able to set all those hard feelings aside when they all had the same goals. I learned, from watching this movie, that a battle or war can be fought with no violence and a reasonable agreement can be reached without millions of people get killed. I think that this was a well-made movie because it made the audiende feel like they were living the story and it shows India and its people. This film was mostly educational and it is obvious that it was not made in Hollywood or New York. This was the first time that I had seen the film, but if I had to watch it again, I would. I would definatly give this movie four and a half stars because it was an outstanding movie, except for the fact that it was way too long.

Mohandas Gandhi was the most important and intelligent person in all of India.

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