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Mustang Or Camero Essay, Research Paper


Ever since the General Motors company built the first vehicle to compete with Henry Ford and the ford motor company, consumers have argued over which was better. Back in those days the better car was the one that fell apart last and was the cheapest. Today consumer values have changed, and with that change comes a want for more options and a good value for those options. Creature Comfort as it s called is a big priority for the consumer. The next biggest thing is performance; the consumer wants a good performing machine that s going to give them Creature comfort and a great value. Early consumers got to look a one option windshield or no windshield. Today the consumer gets to ponder over options like power windows and door locks, Air conditioning, Leather interior, CD players, and keyless entry systems.

With an evaluation of the sports car market, I will compare the 98 Ford Mustang and the 98 Chevrolet Camero. I have owned both of these vehicles and am very knowledgeable on both of them. The knowledge I have gained over the past five years as a consumer and as a driver of both of these cars will prove that the Mustang is a much better buy than the Camero.

I will start things off in my evaluation with one of the main aspects of a car that almost all consumers look at, gas mileage. I will start things off with the Camero Z28. The Z28 is the top of the line Camero and the biggest performer. The Z28 gets eighteen miles to the gallon in the city and twenty-nine on the highway. The Mustang Cobra R is the top of the line Mustang put out by ford, and is its biggest performer. The Cobra R gets twenty-one miles per gallon in the city and thirty-one on the highway. This gives the Mustang an advantage in gas mileage.

The next aspect will be performance. This puts the two cars very close in statistic likeness. The mustang will be the first to go. The mustang in its cheapest form gets 200hp @ 5200rpm, the Cobra R mustang is the mustang in its most expensive form gets 315hp @ 5200rpm. The mustang Cobra R will run the standing + mile in 13.8 seconds @ 102 miles per hour. The Camero in its base cheapest form has 200hp @ 5200rpm. The Camero SS is the top of the line Camero and puts out 320hp @ 5200rpm. The SS puts away the + mile in 3.7 seconds @ 103 miles per hour. The horse power and + mile time of the Camero was slightly better than the Mustang.

That is not all of what performance is about though, performance is also handling and breaking. The top of the line Cobra R Mustang comes with standard 13inch cross-ventilated disk breaks that pull the pony from 60-0 in an impressive 103 feet. The Camero SS comes with standard vented disk breaks that bring the car to a stop from 60-0 in 115 feet. That twelve feet can be a lot when you are breaking to avoid an accident. That means advantage Mustang by far in breaking distance. The Handling of a car is very important when driving. In the 60-foot slalom course the two cars were tested by reading their maximum speeds through the course before control was lost. The first up was the SS Camero. The Camero ran the 60-foot slalom at 59 miles per hour before sliding out of control at 60. The Cobra has a stiffer suspension system and made it cleanly through the slalom at 62 miles per hour. That puts the Mustang on top in breaking and handling, this also translates into safety. The Mustang is safer when breaking and handling.

The performance of the two cars are pretty close, they seem to each have two performance features to their credit. The Mustang comes out one up though if you add safety. This next aspect comes out all Mustang, options, price, and value. The top of the line Cobra R Mustang comes loaded with power windows and door locks, Remote start and keyless entry, rear defroster, top of the line Polk Audio sound system with a 10 disk CD changer, A/C, power mirrors, six-way power lumbar seats, duel cupholders, and 18 inch Cobra R wheels.

The top of the line Camero SS comes with many options as well, but the SS doesn t have a remote start, the sound system is inferior compared to the Mustang, only two way power lumbar seats are available, and only 17 inch wheels are available. The mustang comes out a winner in the options category also. The next and most highly looked at aspect is price, and value.

The Mustang Cobra R as tested fully loaded priced at 29,000 dollars, with the base model at 16,000 dollars. The Camero SS as tested, fully loaded was 34,000 dollars, with the base model at 17,000 dollars. That is a huge difference in price. The Mustang wins again hands down in price. Now we will look at which is a better deal. The Camero is priced at 34,000 dollars. The only thing it had over the Mustang was five horsepower and one second in the quarter mile. The Mustang has more options and is safer than the Camero. The mustang is also 5,000 dollars less than the Camero. SO the winner in value is again the Mustang.

The Mustang is a far better buy than the Camero, so why go buy a more expensive less optioned car when you can purchase the far better mustang. If you need to get a new car and you want to make it a sports car make it a Mustang. The sporty Mustang also rides five people comfortably. So when you pull up to a new Z28 SS at the next red light, go ahead smoke it, then take all four of your friends out to eat with the 5,000 dollars you saved.


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