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Michael Jckson Essay, Research Paper

Michael Jackson was, and still is the most popular person in the Jackson 5. The fans loved him and his brothers loved him. Michael was definitely the best dancer in the group, which was amazing because he was the youngest in the family. Michael could never sit still, he would always have to get up and dance, or do something athletic. Whenever he danced, he would always imitate James Brown. Michael did this because James Brown was his idol and he thought that he was the greatest dancer and singer ever.

Behind Michael the next best dancer in the group was Marlon, so Michael and Marlon were put in charge of choreography.

Michael was also the best singer in the group. When his brothers heard him sing they knew that he was going to be the lead singer in the group. They said, Hey Michael, you be the lead guy, and Michael loved it. Michael had a great voice when he was young, and he still does. He also had the highest voice in the group but this made him stand out.

Michael was the lead singer for all of the Jackson 5’s albums. He was also the lead singer for all of the Jacksons records. While Michael was with the Jackson 5 he was also singing his own solo records. He produced his first solo record in 1972, which was entitled Got To Be There. His second album, Ben, which was produced in that same year reached the one million copies sold mark very quickly, and sold many more. It quickly rose to #1 on the hit list.

The good thing about Michael is that he always went from his gut feeling. Whenever he wasn t sure about anything, he did whatever came into his mind first. This worked very well, because he was a great dancer. When he was with the Jackson 5, he never rehearsed what dance steps he was going to do, he just did whatever his body told him to do. This is why he is such a great dancer, he dances freely.

While Michael was little, he had hobbies other than just singing and dancing. Michael always loved to make up his own cartoons and comics. He would write, draw, and color them all on his own. He would get his inspiration by watching cartoons on the television. He did this to pass his time while he was on tour.

Michael also used to spend a lot of his time with his little brother, Randy. Randy was Michael s only younger brother and Michael liked his younger brother. Michael was the closest in age to his brother Randy, and that is why they have had such a strong relationship.

After his career with his family, his own career only got better. Michael has eleven albums in his solo career and is still hoping to make more.

Michael s sixth album, Thriller, sold billions of copies. To this day it still holds the record for most copies sold of any type of album. It also got him a record eight Grammys and eight American Music Awards.

Even though Michael wrote and sang his own songs, he was also his own producer. He wasn t the producer of all of his albums, (because he was too young) but once he got old enough he was the producer of the rest of his albums.

While Michael was filming for a Pepsi commercial with his brother Jermaine, two canisters exploded and shot sparks everywhere. A couple got into Michael s hair and he suffered from second and third degree burns to his scalp. He stayed in the hospital for a long time, but finally he was released. This was a very sad day for Michael. The filming took place in the public. Fans from all over came to see Michael and his brother perform. His fans had to see their idol in so much pain.

Michael loves children. He hopes to build a home for orphans in the near future. He has done things already for orphans and disabled children. Michael built and opened up a private theme park. He took hundreds of orphans and disabled children to it. It was a great day for all of these children. They all had a great time, and most of them thanked Michael for the fun-filled day.

Michael has a great career in song writing, producing, dancing, and singing. He has been labeled the King of Pop and this fits him very well. He deserves that name because he holds the record for the most copies sold of any album, and the record for the most Grammys for a single album.

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and probably always will be. This all couldn t have happened without his successful early career with his family in the group the Jackson 5.

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