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Dead Poets Society Essay, Research Paper

Lesley Spodek 02/07/00

A Representation of A Teacher

In the film, Dead Poets Society, Professor John Keating sets an example for all future educators. He takes a different approach to teaching or being a teacher by expressing the need for students, people of all ages, to take risks in life. By taking risks in life he not only refers to bungee jumping or skydiving, he refers to taking risks in learning, in ones thinking. In this scene I show here professor Keating stands up on his desk and urges his students to take a minute to look at the world from a different perspective. He wants his students to learn to see the beauty of the world and not simply what is obvious from our view. He states that when you a reading a text, a text of any kind, to not only read and understand it from the authors standpoint, but more importantly from your own. His teaching approach is a risky one, which includes tearing out pages from a textbook to standing on desk and staring at the ceiling above. This approach is a risk in itself, which shows that professor Keating is not just a preacher who does not practice what he teaches. Jon keating attended the all boys catholic school he now teaches in and was voted most likely to do anything. This seems funny to his students until they come to the realization that it is indeed possible, their dreams can become a reality, only if they try and have confidence in their beliefs. People must not think of their aspirations, passions, or dreams as silly or wrong but rather they should feel proud of the many possibilities there are. In my opinion, Prof. Keating practices what I hope to soon accomplish which is to allow my students to at least think freely if not to speak freely. We must all search for our own voice without fear that our findings are unworthy, it all comes back to the same thing learning in my opinion means learning about yourself mostly, it is the foundation one needs to continue their learning. In this film the principle is not sure if professor Keating approach is correct because it is so unique and free, but he later sees from Mr. Keating that it does work. The relationship he has formed with his students has broken down their wall, the wall that blocks teachers? information from reaching their minds and their hearts. Prof. Keating may not be your usual teacher, but he teaching more to these kids than any ?normal? teacher ever could.

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