Реферат: Report File Lord Of The Flies Essay

Report File: Lord Of The Flies Essay, Research Paper

Shhhhhhhhhh! Is the sound I heard from the flames engulfing the forest of an island. Today was a really interesting day for me. I was making my normal routine border scan in my Naval Cruiser ship when I noticed an enormous amount of smoke rising up from a nearby island. My first thought on seeing the smoke was that I thought that a plane had crashed on the island or that it was some kind of natural forest fire.

I exited my water vehicle, and I was fully equipped with my sidearm just in case that it was the enemy. To my surprised I saw a young British boy by the name of Ralph at my feet in the sand. It was like when all the boys saw that the just froze instinctively and stopped what they were doing immediately. He was being chased by a bunch of other little boys who had their faces painted with some kind of clay or mud that they must of found on the island. At first, I thought that the children were playing some kind of game on the island, but to my surprise I don t think that it was at all. I noticed that the children behind him were holding wooden sticks something like spears that were sharp on the end, but I did not really pay much attention to it. It was not until I asked the boy, Ralph, was anyone killed on the island with their little game, and to my astonishment he said yes. Once again, I really did not know how to react to this remark, but for some strange reason or another I believe that the boy was telling me the truth. I judge that it was something in his eyes that was true about this statement, and the fact that he sounded very sincere when he made it. Then all of a sudden the young boy just busted out into tears. Not just normal tears, but the big round ones that you see in cartoons or some type of movie film. I an instant I turned my back so that the boy and his friends could pull themselves together because a man does not want to see another crying his heart out. After his sobs and tears died away, I asked him how many boys were on the island, and he responded to me with a gesture that he had no idea. Then I called all of the boys on the island to come out of the forest before it burned up completely and took some of them with it. I suppose that all of the children made it out of the forest, but I am not totally for sure because there was no way in the world to know how many kids were there. My instinct told me that I had rounded up all the kids possible.

After I got all of the children together, I started to make are way back to my cruiser. All of the kids, were in tears completely and I started to feel bad the young boys. Once we got to my ship, and the boys tears were to a minimum, I called the leader Ralph to the passenger seat next to me so that I could get some more information about what really happened on the island. He told me that their plane had crashed on the island and that they had been stranded there for a while. I almost fell out of my seat when he told me this because of the fact that I thought they were just playing there. Then he told me that there were actually four people who were dead on the island. There was a little kid, his friend name Piggy, his friend Simon, and a dead parachutist man. Also, he started to tell me stories of how when they first got there of how they used call meetings with this white shell and how they were organized and all. After I got him started talking the boy would not shut up at all and just kept rambling on about everything that went on at the island. After a while I started to zone out to what the boy was saying. Although, I did hear him mention that they had become obsessed with the idea of hunting and killing wild pigs on the island. Then I thought to myself that these young children would remember this horrific adventure forever. The same way that I am going to remember this war forever. It is like that they have already been in a war and they are only eight to eleven years old. I was dumbfounded at this fact, and then started to think of what the boys parents had to be thinking. On the contrary, it occurred to me that the boys parents probably had know idea of what happened because they were in a boarding school anyway. Finally, we reached my base and I told my captain the situation. The boys were put on a helicopter and flown back to school where I hope they can go back to a normal civilized life without any trouble at all.

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