Реферат: Yesterdays And Todays World Essay Research Paper

Yesterdays And Todays World Essay, Research Paper

Society in Yesterdays and todays world

Todays and yesterdays world have a great deal of difference and only a spec of similiarties. Yesterdays world was more of a civilized place not including the act of war and unneccessary battles. Society is the topic of yesterdays and todays world.

Years and years of the past since the time of the Middles Ages, Reniassance and to the present. Women expected to live at homes and take care of the young ones. Men went out and did the labor work. Through times, style and language has come to differences. Even in the 1900’s, kids were know not to rebel and women to do their job as tradition has it. Men went of to work to provide for his family. Drugs were not as popular as back then as they are now. The American people were acting as if they were trying to complete perfect harmony in this found country. This is also true in the European world and the Asian countries of the world.

Todays world has been a strive for differences when it comes to the children and Women. Since the rebellion acts of Susan B. Anthony, a women rights movement leader, there have been a demand of equal right not only to women but to miniorities. Kids are expiermenting with drugs since the cool pose of cigarette smoking in the 1950’s by young teenagers getting the idea of being of how that was what everybody did. If one person does it, it will catch on the other person and so on. Now, there are kids at the age of 8, and 9 which are taking ecstacy pills and smoking buds(pot). The rating of kids from age of 10-14, are having sex more than ever. Young teenage girls are getting pregnant one by one by one.

It’s very ironic on this whole topic. As years are progressing, the society of todays world is coming to a choatic and a very unusual lifestyle compared to yesterdays world.



I’m 18 years old, and i haven’t graduted from high school yet. This is my 4th and a half year. My laziness and my huge amount of spare time I have created for myself has led me to become irresponsible to my school work.

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