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Aluminum Essay, Research Paper

Aluminum is lightweight, silver looking element. It is located in the boron group and the third period on the periodic table. Aluminum can be formed into many different shapes. It can also be drawn into wires. Aluminum has thirteen proton and electrons. Aluminum has fourteen neutrons. Aluminum has an average atomic mass of 26.981539. Aluminum is the third most used element in the world and the most used metal in the world.

Hans Christian Orsted discovered aluminum in 1825. Orsted was a famous Danish chemist and physicist. He discovered aluminum by reducing Aluminum chloride with potassium. Aluminum dates back farther that 1825 though. In 1809 Sir Hunphry Davy prepared an iron-aluminum alloy by electrolyzing fused aluminum oxide. As Aluminum started to be used it was very expensive but eventually the price began to lower and now it is very cheap.

Aluminum is found in the earth’s crust. It makes up eight percent of the earth’s crust. Nature doesn’t combine Aluminum with other elements. Very rarely can pure aluminum be found in products. Pure Aluminum is very weak and soft. Aluminum needs alloys to make it stronger and a better product. There are many other elements like copper and zinc that combined with aluminum to make it stronger. There are two steps to produce aluminum. The first step is to refine the bauxite to obtain alumina. The second step is to smelt the alumina to get aluminum.

There are many uses for aluminum. Pure Aluminum can be used for jewelry, electrical conductors, and decorative trim for appliances and cars. Aluminum is usually combined with other elements to make many different products. There are many aluminum alloys. Some of them are drink cans, bottle caps, foil wrappers and food products. Other examples of aluminum alloy products are boats, cars, airplanes, and trains.

Aluminum is used in a lot of electrical equipment like power lines, and light bulbs. Aluminum is also found in cooking products, golf clubs, rocket fuel, and zippers. Aluminum is also found in thousands of other products.

Scientist aren’t sure weather aluminum can have a harmful effect. There are rumors out that aluminum can cause Alzheimer’s. We don’t know the causes Alzheimer and aluminum is just one of the many possible.. So is the question of if aluminum causes Alzheimers. Aluminum is very rarely the cause of toxicity in a healthy person. The evidence of aluminum causing Alzheimer is poor. There doesn’t appear to be a connection between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease.

Aluminum is greatly used in many of the things that we use today. It is a great element because it can hold heat and it can also keeps things cols. Aluminum is very important to society

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