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Is Censorship Wrong And Cynical? Essay, Research Paper

Music, movies, and books should not be censored. Authors deliberately create to express themselves through these things. In consequence of censorship, the public would not be able to receive the main idea of the product for which it was intended. However there are opinions and facts that support both sides to this controversy.

In any case, music, movies, and books are written as an individual idea, or even ones dreams. These creations are personal views that are being expressed to society in a whole to teach, entertain, or relate to the public. To alter these things is to change their meaning.

Despite that portion of the public that finds some of these things offensive, the majority of society would be prohibited to hear what the author or artist is trying to convey. Naturally, when censorship is employed, the product is altered from its original purpose. The creator now views its foundation as raped or no longer his individual idea. In which case, the owner immediately has the urge or tendency to trash what ever it is that they have created.

Of course I can see how people that just don’t like to be in the presence of foul language or nudity, can be offended by vulgar displays of expression. Whether it is elementary students, sensitive, or religious people there are bound to be those who are at some point transgressed by one individuals work or another. Nevertheless, all these people have to do is ignore and or disregard the subject in which is formerly being advertised or displayed.

As has been noted there are people who would agree with my opinion on this atrocity. And would very much like to see this enormity subverted just as I. An emphatic gesture of disapproval by such people has lead to my betrothment on the text. It is my desire to persuade people that censory is not right worldwide. Evidently it seems the government has evaded the subject that has occurred. In order to change this idea of censorship, it will take a strong, loud voice of unanimity to bring censorship down and let freedom of expression to reign untarnished.

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