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Epilepsy Essay, Research Paper


Epilepsy is a chronic disorder characterized by recurrent seizures. Seizures are

defined as passing neurological abnormalities caused by unregulated electrical brain

discharge, a direct result of unusual electrical activity in the brain. They can last

anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes, and uncontrolled. These seizures

themselves are not the disease, they may be a sign of disorder such as epilepsy. Epilepsy

affects about one percent of the general population of the United States. There is no

specific age group, race, nationality or social level the suffers from this disorder. Some

people outgrow it and have no need for medication. While others can live full and normal

lives with the proper treatments.

Some people suffering from epilepsy are warned about an impending seizure hours

before it occurs, changes such as a headache, change in mood, sluggishness or

involuntary jerking are some of the common symptoms that tend to precede a seizure.

These symptoms are different from the aura or feeling that precedes a generalized seizure

and comes seconds or minutes before the actual seizure. In most people, however,

seizure are unpredictable and unrelated to the person s current situation some external

determinants may trigger seizures though. Lack of sleep, emotional stress, missed meals,

alcohol ingestion/withdrawal, even fever or some infections may produce seizures.

There are many possible cause of epilepsy but in more than half the causes, the

precise cause cannot be determined. An inherited tendency to develop the disorder occurs

in the families of some patients. Some of the known cause include head injuries, strokes,

premature birth, infectious disease, complicated deliveries, or drug use/withdrawal.

General treatment measures include drug therapy with the goal of the preventing

further attacks. The discontinuance of treatment depends on the judgement of individual

physicians The drug treatment utilized depends on the type of seizure. the drug is increase

gradually until seizure are controlled. Monitoring plasma drug levels is necessary for

some indications due to varied therapeutic response based on blood concentration. In

cases when epilepsy is cause by a tumor in the brain, or when medication fails to control

seizures, surgery may be an alternative. Physicians may prescribe and monitor a type of

diet known as a ketogenic diet if medications have not been able to sop seizures. Most

people with epilepsy can lead normal lives. The earlier treatment begins, the better the


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